Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972) reviews and overview

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Doctor Phibes Rises Again

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Other reviews:

“The pleasures of the film consist of the balance of ghoulish humour: the macabre ends dreamed up for opponents, the phlegmatic exchanges of lines and Brian Eatwell’s deliberately over-the-top art direction, which matches Price’s grand theatricality.” The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror

” …the film has a number of enjoyably wacky murders, and once again Price does amazingly good work without benefit of much in the way of facial mannerisms and of course sans on screen speaking […] part of Doctor Phibes Rises Again!‘s allure is its outré production design, a kind of opulent Victorian Era grandeur combined with a highly theatrical performance style.” Blu-ray.com

Again is less dry in its humor than its predecessor, so it comes off as a bit more campy. But look at what we’re dealing with here – a dead man preserved with embalming fluid looking to bring his dead spouse back to life – and the question of camp seems irrelevant. These films would be merely foolish if played straight, instead of the giddy relish the cast take in their parts.” Daily Dead

“Filled with wonderful Art Deco sets, dark humour and a legendary performance by Price, The Abominable Doctor Phibes and its sequel Doctor Phibes Rises Again have since gone on to become classics, and also prefigure the Saw movies with their increasingly fiendish set of murder devices…” Kultguy’s Keep

“It’s refreshing to find a sequel that’s better than its prototype. The return of the abominable Phibes, his pallor flushed with the success of his initial screen appearance, is accompanied both by a larger budget and, more to the point, by a greater display of confidence at all levels of the production.” Monthly Film Bulletin, 1972

” …a witty and inspired script whose absurdities are convincingly integrated into the story line and with a magnificently camp performance by Price.” Alan Frank, The Horror Film Handbook, Batsford, 1982

Choice dialogue:

Inspector Trout: “What is it Shakespeare said sir? Thus unconscious doth make strange bedfellows of us all.”

Doctor Phibes: “You cannot threaten the dead with death, my friend. Only with life eternal. Life!”

Cast and characters:

  • Vincent Price … Doctor. Anton Phibes
  • Robert Quarry … Darius Biederbeck
  • Valli Kemp … Vulnavia
  • Peter Jeffrey … Inspector Trout
  • Fiona Lewis … Diana Trowbridge
  • Hugh Griffith … Harry Ambrose
  • Peter Cushing … Captain
  • Beryl Reid … Miss Ambrose
  • Terry-Thomas … Lombardo
  • John Cater … Superintendent Waverley
  • Gerald Sim … Hackett
  • Lewis Fiander … Baker
  • John Thaw … Shavers
  • Keith Buckley … Stewart
  • Milton Reid … Manservant
  • John Comer … Ship’s Officer
  • Caroline Munro … Victoria Regina Phibes

Filming locations:

Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England
Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain – desert scenes


Filming began in December 1971 as Phibes II

Metal band Kryst the Conqueror were inspired to write a song of the same name for their 1989 album ‘Deliver Us from Evil’. This was covered by the Misfits.







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  1. I always loved the 1st one and this sequel was good also! So wacky but n a good way. Films i can watch over and over!

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