CROCODILE ISLAND (2020) Reviews and overview


Crocodile Island is a 2020 Chinese fantasy horror film about some plane crash survivors trying to survive on an island of giant creatures.


The surrounding areas of the Devil’s Sea are also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Asia. Due to electromagnetic interference, aviation accidents are common in the region.

Lin Hao (Gallen Lo) and his daughter Yi (Liao Yinyue) are passengers of Flight GZ261. As it flies over the Devil’s Sea, the plane malfunctions, causing an emergency landing on a crocodile island. Hao and other driving passengers encounter enormous sized crocodiles and spiders and engage in a battle for survival. When Yi is captured by the giant beasts, Hao fights for his life to rescue her daughter…


“The problem with this is that even an enviable budget and a starry cast fail to hide these cliches; see the recent Skyfire for a perfect example of sound and fury signifying nothing. Crocodile Island cannot call on big-budget effects and so the story and characters have to be worth watching. Not that the effects are that bad though – they range from the passable to the dreadful.” Far East Films

” …an agreeably silly creature feature. Crocodile Island is pretty predictable and has some far fetched plot points, such as World War 2 guns that still fire perfectly after sitting around an island for 40 years. But in a film about giant creatures that’s really a minor detail.” Voices from the Balcony

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