CUPID (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘It’ll be a bloody valentine this year’

Cupid is a 2020 British supernatural horror feature film about a bullied teenage girl who summons evil Cupid to take revenge on those who wronged her.

Written and directed by Scott Jeffrey (Clown Doll; The Final Scream; The Bad Nun; writer of The House on Elm Lake; Unhinged; Fox Trap; et al), the Proportions Productions movie stars Georgina Jane, Michael Owusu, Abi Casson Thompson, Ali Barouti and Sarah T. Cohen (Amityville Witches; Bad Nun: Deadly Vows; Clown Doll; et al).


” …none of the characters are remotely interesting or charismatic. The movie was clearly shot in the U.K. […] and cast with British actors, but Jeffrey has most of them putting on horrible, inconsistent American accents, which are far more distracting than just acknowledging that the movie takes place in another country.” Crooked Marquee

…Cupid is a fun teenage horror film full of angst, attitude, and death. There is also a pinch of camp added to the mix and the acting, while not exactly stellar, works. True, it is somewhat formulaic in its telling, but it still provides the viewer with a unique perspective on a holiday that is not widely considered to be dark and menacing.” Cryptic Rock

“Instead of showing an iconic character go ballistic on love-sick teens, writer/director/producer Scott Jeffrey presents us with wafer-thin clichés called characters, slaps together a tale that will sound tired even to folks new to horror movies, and figures using colored lighting will distract the audience from realizing the direction is as lifeless as the script.” Horror News

“The kills remained inventive, the most despicable people got their just desserts, and much seemed to have been made of the small budget. It wasn’t the best acted, and the story was as bland as they come, but there was a certain charm here.” The Rotting Zombie

Cupid is stuntman Bao Tieu in a very obvious rubber mask. And the CGI of him flying isn’t nearly as good as it was in the prologue. The practical effects aren’t too bad, but there’s not enough of them. Indeed, Cupid suffers from too much talking and not enough stalking. And considering how obnoxious most of the film’s characters are you want them dead fairly quickly.” Voices from the Balcony


Cupid is being distributed in the USA by Uncork’d Entertainment. In the UK, High Fliers Films released the film on DVD.

Cast and characters:

Georgina Jane … Faye
Michael Owusu … Duncan Jones
Abi Casson Thompson … Helen Drake
Ali Barouti … Matt
Bao Tieu … Cupid
Sarah T. Cohen … Elise
Georgie Banks … Britt
Kelly Juvilee … Lina
Jake Watkins … Daryl
Adrian Bouchet … Principle Harper
Nicola Wright … Miss Simmons
Jon Callaway … Brett
Jake Francis … Carl
Megan Lockhurst … Denise
Hannah Ponting … Sally
Leyla Hart … Donna
Andrew Elias … Teacher
Shakil Hussain … Customer
Joyce Kaminski … Customer
Faith Kiggundu … Student
Demi Leigh … Teacher / Customer
Antonia Johnstone … Classmate
Ken Stamp … Master Strokes

Valentine’s Day horror

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