The Deep Ones (2020) preview

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The Deep Ones is a 2020 American horror feature film in which a couple rent a beach home only to discover weird neighbours and bizarre occurrences. They soon discover to be in the grips of a mysterious cult and their ancient sea god in this Lovecraftian take on Rosemary’s Baby.

Written and directed by Chad Ferrin (Exorcism at 60,000 Feet; The Chair; Someone’s Knocking at the Door; Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!), the Crappy World Films-Laurelwood Pictures movie stars Jackie Debatin, Johann Urb, Kelli Maroney (Gila!; Chopping Mall; Night of the Comet) and Nicolas Coster.

Behind the scenes, Ferrin is joined by producers Gina La Piana, Robert Miano and Jeff Olan, composer Richard Band (Re-Animator, From Beyond), director of photography Jeff Billings, makeup effects artist Jim Ojala (Deadgirl, Strange Nature) with key art by Nenad Gucunja.

“H.P. Lovecraft must be smiling down on us,” Ferrin shared, “as this has been the most blessed film experience of my twenty-five years of doing what I love. And I thank the cast and crew from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond all expectations.”


After suffering an untimely loss, Alex (La Piana) and her husband Petri (Urb) visit California for a much-needed break from reality. At an unassuming rental, they meet the mysterious Russell Marsh (Miano). Marsh introduces them to the oddly enthusiastic locals, fixes them a lavish meal and invites them out on his luxury boat.  Little do they know that beneath Mr Marsh’s thin veneer of avuncular charm lurks a dark devotion to an archaic evil…


The Deep Ones will premiere later in 2020.

Cast and characters:

  • Jackie Debatin … Deb
  • Johann Urb … Petri
  • Kelli Maroney … Ambrose Zadok
  • Nicolas Coster … Finley
  • Jon Mack … Mother
  • Robert Miano … Russel Marsh
  • Gina La Piana … Alex
  • Rachel Pringle … Mandy
  • Silvia Spross … Ingrid Krauer
  • Robert Rhine … Buck ‘Cabby’ Hooper
  • Richard Pate … Obed Rayburn
  • Kurt Carley … Dagon
  • Suzanne Sumner Ferry … Gaza
  • Bulet Rush … Reeves
  • Hengi Hawk … Siren
  • Timothy Muskatell … Doctor Gene Rayburn
  • Mikaya Fisher … Abgal
  • Zebadiah DeVane … Flagg
  • Michael Schefano … Carl
  • Jerry Irons … Legrasse
  • McKenna Ferry … Emily Rayburn
  • Kalvis Kraemer … Barlow
  • Chloe Stallings … Imp
  • Gerry Karr … Hodges

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