THE SEVENTH DAY (2021) Reviews and now with three clips


‘God help us.’

The Seventh Day is a 2021 American horror film about a renowned exorcist who teams up with a rookie priest for his first day of training; as they plunge deeper into hell on earth, the lines between good and evil blur, and their own demons emerge…

Written and directed by Justin P. Lange (The Dark), the Cinestate-Fangoria production stars Guy Pearce (Bloodshot; Prometheus; Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark; Ravenous), Stephen Lang (VFW; Don’t Breathe; Exeter), Keith David (Tales from the Hood 2; Chain Letter; The Puppetmasters) and Robin Bartlett (Immortal; Shutter Island).

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“To have Guy Pearce, Keith David, and Stephen Lang in an exorcism movie that’s clearly influenced by Training Day and not pull it off is a sin in itself. With some scenes piquing my interest while others are playing it so safe you’ve seen it a hundred times before, It’s hard to invest in The Seventh Day […] With a few great scenes, I’d say it isn’t a total loss, but it should have been a lot better with the talent involved.” Arrow in the Head

The Seventh Day treats demon possession and exorcisms mostly in a “business as usual” way, and perhaps because of that — or perhaps despite it — the haunted voices, taunting demon-speak, floating objects, and other freaky stuff just seem dull. Even the movie’s few jump-scares don’t register a blip.” Common Sense Media

“When it comes to the ending of The Seventh Day horror movie, it was as predictable as every other moment in the movie. I know, I do watch many movies, but this truly was like watching a paint-by-numbers story play out. And I’m not just talking about the ending since the “plot twists” throughout the movie was obvious a mile away!” Heaven of Horror

“There’s something beneath the surface of this genre-mashing story, which just becomes clichéd on multiple levels. The Seventh Day, though, mostly digs into its absurd setup and a series of predictable, futile scare attempts.” Mark Reviews Movies

“The initial amusement at the appropriation of Training Day-esque standards for a supernatural scenario runs dry as the familiar beats keep getting hit, and the final act is motivated by a plot twist that doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Pearce seems to having fun with a role that doesn’t give the actor enough to do…” Rue Morgue

“In The Dark, Lange created a new creature and used it to tell a new story. In The Seventh Day, he’s trying to make old clichés seem new by telling the story in a different way and it just doesn’t work. What it needed was a fresh approach and fresh ideas. You can only do so much with things we’ve been seeing since The Exorcist.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Vertical Entertainment will release The Seventh Day theatrically in select US locations and On-Demand on March 26th, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Guy Pearce … Father Peter
Stephen Lang … TBC
Keith David … Father Louis
Robin Bartlett … Helen
Hannah Alline … Mrs Miller
James Healy Jr. … Forensic Psychologist
Vadhir Derbez … TBC
Chris Galust … Young Peter
Heath Freeman … Mr Miller
Major Dodge … Mr Giroux
Acorye’ White … George
David Opegbemi … Guard #2
Brady Jenness … Charlie Giroux
Tristan Riggs … Nicholas Miller
Braden Balazik … Detention Center Kid

Filming locations:

Dallas, Texas