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‘Forget the pillow. She’ll help herself!’

Tooth Fairy: The Root of Evil is a British 2020 horror feature film about the return of the titular supernatural evil entity. The movie is a sequel to Tooth Fairy (2018). It was filmed as Tooth Fairy 2 and has been promoted as Return of the Tooth Fairy

Directed and co-produced by Louisa Warren (Vikings vs. Krampus; End Game; Curse of the Scarecrow) from a screenplay written by Tom Jolliffe (Amityville Witches; Scarecrow’s Revenge), the ChampDog Films production stars Jake Watkins, Katie McKenna, Chelsea Greenwood and Simon Manley. Scott Jeffrey (director of Don’t Speak; Cupid; Clown Doll; The Bad Nun; et al) co-produced.


Fifteen years after the events of the first movie, Corey, now grown up but mentally scarred has gone to a class reunion. However, the Tooth Fairy is back, and this time… you better have flossed properly!


” …the image of the fairy, which is revealed early, is not scary at all and looks more like a Halloween costume that someone didn’t know what to do with and ended up in this movie. The Return of the Tooth Fairy is a disaster from start to finish. From the visual aspect to the plot and acting, nothing works in this movie.” 10th Circle

“I felt the first film was as bland as they come, here though the directing seemed much better, add a serviceable soundtrack and some half-decent cinematography and you have a better movie. Tooth Fairy 2 is a giant leap up from before, yet to get the most out of it I would say that first film is required viewing.” The Rotting Zombie

It does get a lot of mileage out of the effective use of sound. But this is film not radio, showing some of the carnage helps. The real problem though is the Tooth Fairy itself. It never looks like anything other than someone in a mask. Probably a plastic one judging by the way it reflects the light. If you’re going to make a monster movie, you should at least get the monster right.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Jake Watkins … Corey
Katie McKenna … Jess
Chelsea Greenwood … Jo
Simon Manley … Ray / The Collector
AJ Blackwell … Paul
Venetia Cook … Hazel
Niru Sukanthan … Tooth Fairy

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