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‘He stole from the dead. They came back to collect’

The Bone Box is a 2020 release American horror feature film about a graverobber who comes to believe he is being haunted by those he stole from…

Written, produced and directed by Luke Genton (co-writer of Snow Falls), the Lakeshore Productions movie stars Aaron Schwartz, Michelle Krusiec, David Chokachi, Jamie Bernadette and Maria Olsen.


Depressed and reeling from the recent death of his wife, Tom (Gareth Koorzen) has built up a $20,000 gambling debt. He goes to stay with his wealthy Aunt Florence (Maria Olsen) in the hope that she will write him into her will.

When a nasty creditor makes it clear that Tom is out of time, he devises a plan with Elodie (Michelle Krusiec), the undertaker’s daughter, to rob the graves of the rich townspeople buried in the cemetery across the road.

After plundering the graves, Tom arrives back at Florence’s house and events take a dark turn. Tom begins hearing and seeing strange things that seem to coincide with the deaths of the people he robbed. Even more disconcerting… he appears to be the only one sensing the occurrences. One question lingers: Is Tom’s conscience playing a trick on him… or is he really being haunted by those he stole from?


This is a low-key, intimately-filmed creepy pic with masses of extended shots that let the lead actors really emote. And they truly deliver. The awkward exchanges between Gareth Koorzen and Maria Olsen are intentionally amusing and intended to preface what will develop later. Nicely observed musings about the reality of ghosts also set up Tom’s ensuing paranoia.

Some viewers may find the first hour somewhat languid. However, it’s a gradual build in tension that requires patience. Many low-budget movies have attempted similar claustrophobic vibes yet failed. In this case, it all works. Just like the protagonists, as viewers, we are transfixed in their oppressive house and feel equally unable to escape. Richard Albert’s score neatly complements the unsettling onscreen events splendidly.

The Bone Box won’t knock your socks off and yet it’s a worthy addition to the psychological horror sub-genre that thankfully doesn’t batter viewers with quick edits and loud jump scares. It’s a little too darkly lit in some early scenes but that’s a minor gripe. This compact, yet effective, horror movie is also a warning against the real-life evils of gambling which is not a bad thing.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

The Bone Box is psychological horror at it’s best… I was lucky enough to get an exclusive first for this film, and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. From the beginning, the music sets the tone and it carries it all the way through the film. The cast was sensational…” The Nightmare Closet

The Bone Box is an old-fashioned ghost story. The kind that doesn’t rely on a lot of effects or jump scares […] This isn’t one of those films with CGI ghosts popping up or portals to hell in the basement. If you’ve seen any episodes of the BBC’s A Ghost Story for Christmas or The Changeling them you’ll have an idea what to expect here.” Voices from the Balcony

Main cast and characters:

  • Michelle Krusiec … Elodie Don’t Look There; The Unbidden; The Invitation
  • Aaron Schwartz … Benji
  • David Chokachi … Sheriff Alex Burrows The Jersey DevilArmy of the DamnedRage of the Yeti; Bats: Human Harvest; Psycho Beach Party
  • Jamie Bernadette … Deputy Ella Kade – Grizzled!; Hacked Off!; 13 Girls; 4/20 MassacreI Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu; Let’s Be Evil; Elder Island; All Girls Weekend; Nightstalker
  • Maria Olsen … Aunt Florence – Impuratus; Ravenwolf Towers; 60 Seconds to Die; The RemainsSouthbound; Consumption; Mark of the Witch; The Levenger Tapes; et al
  • Cynthia Bravo … The Bride – Hide in the Light
  • Gareth Koorzen … Tom – State of Desolation
  • Art Roberts … The Man In Black – Garden Party MassacreThe Dark Side of the WombShadow of a Stranger; Nazi DawnAfter School Massacre
  • Maximus Birchmore … The Boy
  • Arielle Elonys … News Reporter
  • Tess Bellomo … Claire
  • Katie Scardino … News Reporter
  • Hannah Bear … Infomercial Woman
  • Pim de Boer … Witness


We initially covered this movie on 28th September 2017 and have reposted it to align with its 2020 release.