BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT (1971) Reviews and overview

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‘Returned from the dead to stalk human prey…’

Beast of the Yellow Night is a 1971 Filipino-American horror feature film directed by Eddie Romero (The Twilight People; Beast of BloodMad Doctor of Blood Island; Brides of Blood). The movie stars John Ashley, Mary Wilcox, Leopoldo Salcedo and Eddie Garcia.


Satan saves Joseph Langdon/Philip Rogers (John Ashley) from death on condition he becomes his disciple. As it turns out, he becomes a hairy murderous beast—a kind of werewolf on the rampage carrying out the evil deeds of the devil…

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“Once again Romero triumphs at combining diverse styles of filmmaking but here he also has a strong story to tell and is able to utilize several important themes in this work. There are to be sure, some flaws but these flaws are small compared to just how well Beast of the Yellow Night works as a whole.” Bad Movies for Bad People

“The make-up is poor, especially the gore, and the budget is quite low, even with Roger Corman as executive producer.” Down Among the “Z” Movies

” …reminds one of later TV shows like The Incredible Hulk and Quantum Leap, by way of cheap Filipino horror. Ashley’s ugly makeup is pretty good, despite the fact that you can see the back of his white neck much of the time, and he plays a really ferocious monster.” DVD Drive-In


“Sadly, it doesn’t really work, as much of the talk is simply dull, and the main character’s relationship with his wife degenerates into soap opera shtick. The horror often gets pushed on the back-burner as well, and the monster isn’t memorable, nor are his rampages particularly effective. The best scenes and conversations feature Vic Diaz as the devil, but you really don’t see enough of him.” Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings

” …fundamental confusions at the script level end up killing the film. Unlike the Blood Island films, there is not the usual luridness – mad scientists in the jungle, topless women being pursued by the monster, icky meltdown effects – to perk things up any what. The dramatics and monster effects are on the slight side.” Moria

” …fails completely due to illogical treatment and overuse of sex and gore.” Photon magazine

“Apparently they wanted us to take a run of the mill trash item deadly seriously, but it never convinces and John Ashley films aren’t the place anyone would go to for insight into the human condition or the big questions of good and evil.” The Spinning Image


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“Apart from the blind man (Andres Centenera) who assists Langdon for no conceivable reason, and the tubby evil spirit who continues to show up in a couple of different guises, there are no actors of merit and not much of a script in which actors could even attempt to be good. With one sex scene and a bit of gore, it fills the exploitation bill for its era and is watchable if you’re already a fan of schlock.” Weird Wild Realm

Beast of the Yellow Night is a very strange meshing of werewolf genre with Devil-immortality factor and while one can praise John Ashley’s performance, one can’t help by the fact that his character is cold-hearted and soon-mutated on top of that. Not bad for a 70’s Filipino exploitation piece.” World Film Geek


beast of the yellow night

Beast of the Yellow Night

Cast and characters:

John Ashley … Joseph Langdon / Philip Rogers
Mary Charlotte Wilcox … Julia Rogers (as Mary Wilcox)
Leopoldo Salcedo … Insp. de Santos
Eddie Garcia … Det. Lt. Campo
Ken Metcalfe … Earl Rogers
Vic Diaz … Satan
Andres Centenera … Blind Man
Ruben Rustia … Hospital Doctor
Don Lipman … U.S. Military Attaché
Jose Garcia
James Spencer
Carpi Asturias … Langdon’s Jungle Contact
Jose Roy Jr.
Joonee Gamboa … Mateo

Technical details:

87 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: Mono

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