Evil Little Things – USA, 2019 – reviews


‘Time to play’

Evil Little Things is a 2019 American anthology horror feature film about a toymaker with stories to tell.

Directed by Matt Green (No Sin Unpunished; Slaw; A Zombie Invasion) from a screenplay written by Yasmin Bakhtiari and Nancy Knight, the Creepy Doll Films production stars Hannah Fierman (Dead by Midnight (11 pm Central); V/H/S), Geoff McKnight, Courtney Lakin and Zach Galligan (Gremlins).


A young boy discovers a mystical toymaker with stories to tell. The first is about a leprechaun seeking revenge on a defenceless family. The second is of a doll who works evil on her fragile owner.

The toymaker gives the boy a clown named Giggles. Clowns are supposed to be the guardians of happiness, right? These ‘evil little things’ will cause you many sleepless nights…


Evil Little Things will be released on DVD and digital VOD on May 12th 2020 by Uncork’d Entertainment.

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Cast and characters:

  • Zach Galligan … Step Dad
  • Hannah Fierman … Jessica
  • Geoff McKnight … Doll Maker
  • Courtney Lakin … Abby
  • Jonathan Horne … Jeremy
  • Piper Collins … Katelin
  • L.A. Winters … Mom
  • Drew Youngblood … Daniel
  • Mason Wells … Jason
  • Timothy J. Richardson … Brian
  • Randy Uecker … Doctor
  • Courtney Hogan … Susan
  • Cory Anderson … Room Service Maid #2
  • Linda A. Zollo … Room Service Maid #1
  • Matt Green … (voice)

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