A WOMAN’S TORMENT (1977) Reviews and overview


‘The deranged descent of a woman unchained’

A Woman’s Torment is a 1977 American adult horror film written, produced and directed by Roberta Findlay [as Robert W. Norman] (Prime Evil; Lurkers; Blood Sisters; Snuff). The movie stars Tara Chung, Marlene Willoughby, Jennifer Jordan and Michael Gaunt.


Don and his wife Frances have been struggling in their marriage. Frances’s mentally ill sister, Karen, who lives with them, is taking a toll on their romance and as such, the Comptons have been considering having her committed to an asylum.

Upon overhearing their plans, Karen runs away, taking refuge in an empty house on a remote beach. But slowly her grip on reality diminishes, giving way to increasingly violent delusions and an ever-growing bloodlust…

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On October 24, 2017, A Woman’s Torment was released on Blu-ray + DVD by Vinegar Syndrome, newly restored in 2K from the 35mm negative, along with its never before seen extended R rated version.

• Region free widescreen 1.85:1 Blu-ray + DVD combo pack
• Commentary track with Roberta Findlay
• Video interview with Michael Gaunt (actor)
• Includes both the X and R rated edits
• Quad Cinema screening Q&A with Roberta Findlay
• Reversible cover artwork
• English SDH subtitles

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” …A Woman’s Torment is probably one of the best erotic horror films ever made. And while I love Marlene Willoughby and Crystal Sync, who are not only two of the most attractive actresses working the fuck film circuit, their acting is top-notch, I have to say, I was deeply impressed by the performance given by newcomer Tara Chung.” House of Self Indulgence

” …the scenes involving the woman’s slow breakdown were shot extremely well […] The sound effects were actually good, the editing from reality to the hallucination was very good and overall I thought the film had a pretty good atmosphere. The best thing about the movie was Chung who was at least believable in the role…” Michael Elliott