Rings of Fear – Italy | West Germany | Spain, 1978 – reviews

Main cast and characters:

  • Fabio Testi … Inspector Di Salvo – What Have You Done to Solange?
  • Christine Kaufmann … Christina
  • Ivan Desny … Inspector Roccaglio
  • Jack Taylor … Parravicino – Wax; Pieces; Female Vampire; et al
  • Helga Liné … Miss Russo – The Mummy’s Revenge; The Loreley’s GraspHorror ExpressNightmare CastleHorror aka The Blancheville Monster
  • Silvia Aguilar … Virginia Nardini – Night of the Werewolf
  • Taida Urruzola … Franca
  • Tony Isbert … Max van der Weyden
  • Fausta Avelli … Emily Russo
  • Albertina
  • Fabián Conde … Mr. Mandel
  • Brigitte Wagner … Virginia
  • Carmen Carro
  • Ricardo Merino … Paola’s Father
  • José Nodar
  • Tony Valento … Mr. Sataro
  • Cecilia Roth … Salesgirl


The 1979 British cinema release by Bordeaux Films International was censored by the BBFC (reduced to 80m, 26s). The movie was mutilated even further when re-issued on VHS in 1987 by Drumfire/In-House Movies as Virgin Terror (cut to 79m, 07s). The original 1983 British VHS releases by Video Shack and VFP (both titled Rings of Fear) were both uncut but in poor quality, pan and scan versions.

In the USA, the film has been released as Trauma on VHS and DVD.

Image credits: CinapseGiallo Reviews

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