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‘First they dance, then they kill!’

Stripperland – also known as Stripper Zombieland – is a 2011 comedy horror feature film directed by Sean Skelding from a screenplay written by Brad McCray and Shawn Justice. It is a parody of Zombieland.

The movie stars Ben Sheppard, Maren McGuire, Ileana Herrin, Jamison Challeen, Daniel Baldwin, Linnea Quigley, Boyd Banks,  Thom Bray, Lloyd Kaufman, Hank Cartwright and Brad McCray.


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“The message about treating sex workers like actual people should have been handled more subtly, woven less obtrusively into the fabric of the film. And at the same time, Skelding shouldn’t have shied away from having some of the zombies take their damn clothes off, since that tends to subliminally undermine his contention that there’s no shame in what strippers do for a living.” 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting


“It does have some original things going on as well, as they end up battling a mad scientist and find themselves at a mall briefly (in a pretty cool nod to Dawn of the Dead), Overall there is enough here to make fans and non-fans of Zombieland both happy. There is plenty of over the top gore and violence here to keep gorehounds happy as well.” HNN

Stripperland seems to try to diffuse comparisons to Zombieland with pointed asides to the original’s flaws, like the bizarre scarcity of Twinkies, but there’s no comparison beyond unflattering imitation. Stripperland is a meandering film that wanders slowly from one vignette to the next, many of them little more than a pause for a celebrity cameo.” Crave


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“I laughed many times throughout, sometimes at the film but other with it. It knows exactly what it is, but is a little bit desperate in getting there. It doesn’t have quite enough jokes or plot to fill the whole film so there are overly-long scenes and random dullness, but if you don’t go in expecting genius, you might have a good time.” Shouting at Cows



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