Time Is Up aka Open Wound – China | Germany, 2016 – overview and reviews


‘This is not a love story’

Time Is Up – aka Open Wound – is a 2016 psychological mystery film written and directed by Jürgen Weber; it stars Leila Lowfire, Jerry Kwarteng, and Erik Hansen.


A man and a woman are on their way to a pool party. The apparently harmless situation shifts into a dance macabre…

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“In short, while the story might have done well as a subversive novella overstuffed with superfluous prose expounding on controversial material intended to shock and titillate, as it stands, Open Wound’s pretentious exploitation falls flat on its duct-taped face.” Cryptic Rock

“Weber also utilizes an assortment of styles to tell his story, whether be a 5-minute sepia, nitrate film burn effect, or daydream sequence, that peers the sudden twists and eruptive chaos between the characters. While the effects work to sensationalize the context, they tend to be equally nauseating and annoying as a disruptive structure that seemingly doesn’t make sense to the naked eye.” It’s Bloggin Evil

Main cast and characters:

  • Leila Lowfire … Woman – The Key (2016)
  • Jerry Kwarteng … Man
  • Erik Hansen … Suicide King

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