The Archivist – USA, 2020 – preview

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‘Where the past is forbidden, memories are treason.’

The Archivist is a 2020 American science-fiction Western feature film about a loner wanting to escape government restrictions and his past.

Directed by Eric Hand, who also co-stars, from a screenplay co-written by Bo Gardner, the Lost Highyway Films production stars Jennifer Giles, Steve Aaron and Kendall Moody.


In the year 2070, Caulder Benson is a government archivist officer charged by an increasingly invasive and restrictive regime to destroy all elements and remnants of his society’s self-indulgent and avaricious past. He has a license to use whatever means necessary to fulfil his duty. His reputation for success is unparalleled; his unorthodox methods, deadly.

A loner, Caulder keeps to himself, passing his days in a city bombarded with commercial and political propaganda further enforcing ideals he loathes. He dreams of a world beyond the city, free of restriction, unencumbered by obligation. However, he has a secret that could destroy him and alter the future of mankind…

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There are no reviews of The Archivist available yet as the movie is currently in post-production.

Cast and characters:

  • Jennifer Giles … Mother / Agent Pope
  • Steve Aaron … His Excellency
  • Kendall Moody … Hoochie
  • Eric Hand … Caulder Benson
  • Marc Bowerman … Colonel
  • Nico Johnston … Young Angus
  • Sam Hand … Sam McBain
  • Craig Hand … Levi-Man of God
  • Trish Kurowski … TV Reporter
  • Emmett Corbin … Colonel Boaz
  • Butch Thompson … DB Cooper
  • Dale Shumate … Angus


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