Strip Club Massacre – USA, 2017 – overview and reviews


Strip Club Massacre aka Night Club Massacre is a 2017 American horror feature film about a young woman who has to reluctantly start a new life exotic dancing. She is forced to take extreme measures against those around her after things go violently awry.

Directed by Bob Clark from a screenplay co-written with Bruce Kilroy, the movie stars Alicia Watson, Erin Brown, Courtney Riggs and Mark Law. Buy Brain Damage Films DVD from

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“The whole idea that people can be so ruthless in general, is quite an effective concept. This addition to the script and gives the film leverage. While the special effects are cringe-worthy, they don’t have visual appeal or effect. These additions are pretty mediocre in this aspect.” Decay Mag

“A classic grindhouse title, which somewhat delivers on its premise: nearer to the “massacre” than the “strip club” side, I’d say. Indeed, it’s rather more restrained in terms of nudity than I’d have expected. The gore, on the other hand, is plentiful in volume, if not necessarily quality…” Girls with Guns

” …Clark and Kilroy are two of the promising hopes for these types of sick and twisted little horror films […] With a knack for casting strong female roles and an ability to come up with jarringly violent scenes, there’s no telling what type of horrific tale this duo will cook up together (or separately) in the future. Within the conventions of the genre, Strip Club Massacre is a massive success.” Irish Film Critic

“If you’re going to watch a film called Strip Club Massacre your expectations are probably not sky-high. With scantily clad females, stupid, yet fun (and unique) deaths, as well as a tongue in cheek attitude there is trashy enjoyment to be found here for sure.” The Rotting Zombie

” …Strip Club Massacre doesn’t feature too much sex and gore (though doesn’t shy away from either should the occasion ask for it) – instead, it’s a rather nicely built-up story that gets its tension out of Megan’s rather tragic story off-set by Jazz’s rather insane shenanigans until the whole thing comes to a head in a finale that’s not only quite mental but features quite a few unexpected twists.” Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

  • Alicia Watson … Megan
  • Erin Brown … Jazz
  • Courtney Riggs … Amanda
  • Mark Law … John
  • Stefan Rollins … Bobby
  • Layla Heather Pendley … Carmen
  • Garrett Able … Josh
  • Brett Lee Clark … Charlie Duncan
  • C.J. Creech … Strip club patron
  • Nichole Dree … Sarah
  • Mary Kilroy … Lauren
  • Haley Leary … Beth
  • Jason McDaniel … Cliff
  • Danielle Page … Kim
  • Eric E. Poe … Wallace

Filming locations:

Alpharetta, Atlanta, John’s Creek and Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA

Technical details:

101 minutes


Some image credits: Decay Mag

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