BEHIND THE TREES (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Never look back’

Behind the Trees is a 2019 American horror feature film about an American couple that accidentally witness the exorcism of a young girl and intervene.

Directed by Vikram Jayakumar from a screenplay co-written with Arjun Grover, the Rania Sky Studios production stars Vanessa Curry, Sahil Shroff, Subrat Dutta and Tvisha Seema.


While on a romantic getaway in the Indian wilderness, a couple from Los Angeles accidentally witness the haunting exorcism of an eleven-year-old girl. They decide to rescue her…

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Behind the Trees had its good parts, such as a lovely setting, a few creepy moments and good creature design. It also had its weaknesses such as dull protagonists and a prologue and epilogue that were not needed.” The Rotting Zombie

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Behind the Trees is available via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:

Vanessa Curry … Amy Edwards

Sahil Shroff … Jay Nayar

Subrat Dutta … Navin

Tvisha Seema … Asha

Tanvi Shinde … Tanvi

Apoorva Arora … Apoorva

Mohit Hiranandani … Mohit

Abheer Meherish … Abheer

Rhea Harwani … Maya

Rajesh Arya … Exorcism Priest

Jennifer Champion … Head Pediatrician

Nolan Dotinga … Child Patient

Lauren Fiala … Child Patient’s Mother

Brett Lawrence … Child Patient’s Father

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California

New Dehli, India

Technical details:

86 minutes