GUESTS (2019) Reviews and overview


Guests is a 2019 Russian horror feature film about a group of young people that organise a party in a seemingly abandoned ancient old house. The original title is Gosti

Directed by Evgeniy Abyzov from a screenplay written by Sergey Ageev and Olga Ageeva, the movie stars Morgan Berry, Greg Chun, Yuriy Chursin and Ben Diskin.


Young Katya meets some visiting guys from Moscow who have a specific entertainment – to organise parties in other people’s empty houses. And Katya knows the right place: an old summer cottage on the coast, the owner of which left for a long time. The secluded house, in which the spiritualist salon was at the beginning of the last century, seems to everyone an excellent option.

The alarming, even terrible abandonment of this place does not frighten anyone – In the midst of the party, someone whom Katya never expected to see appears the mysterious master of the house – The man she loved. A man in the grip of otherworldly forces…


“This is a nuts and bolts ghostly, hitting exactly what you’d expect, but it’s told well enough, and runs smoothly thanks to the technical finesse behind it, and a cool location to house it in. Nothing mind-blowing, but perfectly passable for what it’s trying to do.” Dustin Baker

“Crap story, mediocre acting at best and nothing but jump scares and other horror clichés. Don’t bother watching this one.” Matthew Ottevaere

“Russian horror movies seem to choose the settings wisely and do score well enough from the same. Guests, even though doesn’t possess the needed strength with its tale, and goes through a struggle to raise the level of its horror, does have enough out there to keep things going. The same is supported by the ambiance, which is the one thing that raises this to a higher level.” Movies of the Soul

Cast and characters:

Morgan Berry … Polina
Greg Chun … Andrey
Yuriy Chursin
Ben Diskin … Vadik
Anar Khalilov
Mariya Lisovaya
Mikhail Mescheryakov
Jonathan Meza … Nikita
Marina Panferova
Jamie Rapaport … Sasha
Jessica Rau … Katya
Angelina Strechina
Anastasiya Ukolova
Ivan Verkhovykh
Brandon Winckler … Artur (voice)

Technical details:

88 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


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