MILLENNIAL KILLER (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘A step on to the housing ladder is a step on the path to hell’

Millennial Killer is a 2020 British horror feature film about a deranged estate agent who murders young people that want to rent a flat.

Written and directed by Sam Mason-Bell (The Truth Will Out; Lonely Hearts), the H B Films-Trash Arts production stars Alice Mulholland, Simon Berry, Rishky Patel and Alexandra Robertshaw.


When Naomi and Daniel went looking to find their first shared home together, they expected to live together forever, but their realtor had other plans.

The real estate agent is taking a personal vendetta against Generation Y, but Naomi’s fate becomes worse than death. She is kept alive long enough to see other victims succumbing to the real estate agent’s skewed inner fear and his need to protect his generation from the millennials…


“For a micro-budget film, [the special effects] look good and aren’t overused, so a big shout out has to go to the special effects artist Lewis Wilson for this. Overall the film looks like it has a bigger budget than it did and that is a testament to how much work went into the film. If you fancy a good horror film, with an interesting story you won’t go wrong with Millennial Killer…” Film Daddy

“Maybe its due to the otherwise solid story structure- being divided into chapters focusing on each victim- which makes the why revealed very near the end of Millennial Killer. As such, there is no real exploration of two different generations being unable to come to an understanding. So the movie strictly plays out at the surface level, despite the idea behind it being ripe for an in-depth psychological exploration.” Film Threat

“Mulholland gives a disquieting performance as the estate agent’s favorite capture, and Berry is quite disturbing as the titular agent, barely able to conceal the vitriol toward his young clients that courses through his veins until he unleashes his wrath in the master bedroom.” Horror Fuel

“Alice Mulholland’s slow slip into insanity at the hands of Simon Berry was brilliant! Berry’s performance of the rental estate agent with a dark, demented, and sadistic side will give you chills.” Horrorscreams Videovault

“Simon Berry is nothing short of brilliant in this. His performance is vile, unsettling, and downright repulsive. He was so heinous and slimy that you can’t help but despise his character. The lightning and music could have been better, along with the costumes and gore, and the ending was a bit lackluster […] However, this was one incredibly badass and entertaining film.” House of Tortured Souls

” …the film is not just a nihilistic series of killings as such but does give its victims character that goes far beyond just cannon fodder status, and this way even achieves some light moments […] and shows a lot of colour throughout – which of course makes the film’s violence only all the more shocking without going all slaughterhouse.” Search My Trash

“The problem is the episodes are all pretty much the same. People come in, get shown around and die. It would have played better if the script had had fewer, but more worked out and differentiated segments. Millennial Killer does have some good effects. I won’t spoil it but the climax has a particularly nice bit of bloodletting.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Alice Mulholland … Naomi
Simon Berry … Real Estate Agent
Rishky Patel … Daniel
Alexandra Robertshaw … Tia
Noah Butt … David
Sam Mason-Bell … Tony
Rebecca Clears … Anne
Annina Kaski … Wendy
Luna Lily … Debbie
Chris Mills … Karl
Suki Jones … Mrs James
Ross Doney … Terry
Jake Young … Josh
Marta Bagdziunaite … Megan
Annabella Rich … Lacey

Technical details:

71 minutes

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