You’re Not Alone (2020) preview with trailer


‘Ever have the feeling that…’

You’re Not Alone is a 2020 American supernatural horror feature film about an evil entity that begins to torment a mother and daughter; they are then forced to face the inexplicable presence that inhabits the walls of their new home.

Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez (The Darkness of the Road; Earthless; Fright Night 2) from a screenplay written by Andrew Wong, the Vital Pictures movie stars Katia Winter (L.V.J.; The Wave; Banshee Chapter; The Seer), Julee Cerda, Zach Avery (Last Moment of Clarity; Trespassers; Curvature) and Bettina Skye.


After the premature death of her estranged husband, Emma regains custody of their young daughter Isla and hopes to rebuild their relationship after many years apart.

However, when an evil entity begins to torment them, mother and daughter are forced to face the inexplicable presence that inhabits the walls of their new home…


You’re Not Alone will be released by Premiere Entertainment later in 2020.

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Cast and characters:

  • Katia Winter … Emma
  • Julee Cerda … Teacher
  • Zach Avery … Mark
  • Bettina Skye … Assistant to Father Walsh
  • Richard Bekins … Father Walsh
  • Tobee Paik … Co-Worker
  • Leya Catlett … Isla (as Ashley E. Jones)
  • Emmy James … Ashley
  • Sandra Lucas … Receptionist
  • Thomas J. O’Brien … Forensic Scientist (as Tom Obrien)
  • Edward Crawford … Hooded man 2
  • Meredith Handerhan … Restaurant Patron
  • Martin Barabas … Lawyer
  • Whitney Andrews … Cop
  • Patrick Hamilton … Husband

Filming locations:

  • Goshen, New York

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