REALM OF SHADOWS (2021) Preview with teasers


Realm of Shadows is a 2020 American horror anthology feature film comprised of several different terror tales.

Co-directed by Jimmy Drain – who also co-stars – and Brian McCulley, from a screenplay co-written by Robert Bieber, Jimmy Drain and Lewis Leslie, the Thunderknight Entertainment production stars genre icons Tony Todd (Final Destination; Candyman; Night of the Living Dead remake) and Michael Berryman (The Devil’s Rejects; The Hills Have Eyes; et al), Vida Ghaffari and Lauren C. Mayhew.

The movie also stars Jodi Lynn Thomas, Gregg Stone, Caustic Scifidelic, Mark Fowler and Noah Anderson.


Father Dudley (Tony Todd), a long-time Catholic priest, is dedicated to his profession and is watching out for his close friend Robby Duray (Jimmy Drain), during a testing time in the latter’s life. He also takes on the volatile task of taming Robby’s diabolic alter ego, and steer him away from the snares of Satan.

Cassandra (Vida Ghaffari) is the alluring and mysterious muse of Master Makin… the mysterious owner of the haunted vault near Strain City’s infamous cemetery and narrator of the shadows…


Production by ThunderKnight Entertainment was underway in Denver, Colorado, however, the current lockdown has temporarily halted filming. A 2021 release date is still planned.


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Cast and characters:

  • Tony Todd … Father Dudley
  • Michael Berryman … Master Makin
  • Lauren C. Mayhew … Ashley
  • Audrey Walters … Witch
  • Vida Ghaffari … Cassandra
  • Kasha Fauscett … Lilith
  • Jimmy Drain … Robby
  • Denise Gurule … Corey
  • Heather Tocquigny … Sarah
  • Luba Bocian … Starr
  • Noah Anderson … Elijah
  • Tony Tucci … Hicks
  • Emily Absher … Jaime
  • Mike Apple … Bartendar
  • Morgan Weaver … Morgan
  • Mark Mook … Gerald
  • Terri Lombardi … Witch
  • Mark T. Fowler … Father Hearty
  • Amanda Sides … Allie
  • Amanda Reese … Neccro
  • Cassie Kelso … Witch
  • Kayla Farris … Witch
  • Trent Davala … Damian
  • Caustic Scifidelic … Jon Beedham
  • Leah Saxon … Donna
  • Mara Davala … Gaylen
  • Titus McCotter … Michael
  • Jarod Norelius … Roy
  • Scott Chasse … Beast