CHOKE (2020) Reviews and overview


Choke is a 2020 American horror thriller feature film about what happens when a mysterious girl has affairs with a nihilistic detective and a serial killer.

Written, co-produced and directed by Gregory Hatanaka (Quarantine Girl; Heartbeat; Body of Night), the CineRidge Entertainment production stars Shane Ryan, Scott Butler, Sarah Brine and Barry Sattels. Chris Spinelli was co-producer.


“An utterly irritating, unwatchable, amateur-style effort that has nothing to offer. Pointless artistic w@nkery for no purpose, uninteresting characters doing idiotic and completely random things, no suspense, no scares, nothing of any excitement or thrills happen whatsoever and the low-scale production values hinder every chance at generating any interest in what’s going on.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

” …presents these uncomfortable relationships but then does nothing with them in the end, when at the very least Jeanie’s possible father issues or the men’s wrongdoing in engaging with her could have been addressed. Instead, Choke ends very abruptly without any resolution or purpose. But it looked good along the way.” Horror Buzz

“It’s story-driven, unsuspecting and shockingly cute. I wouldn’t even say it was a horror film it wasn’t for all the murders! You’ll find yourself oddly invested in the three leads even though they’re all completely bizarre and traumatized. I’d even go as far as to say that Choke is a sophisticated horror flick that begs you to lower your guard.” Horror Society

Choke is neither disturbing nor traumatic, but is instead short on scares, magnetism, or redeeming performances. Mercifully short at 73 min, I can’t even say that Choke delivers the eroticism one would expect from a film whose only major theme is people choking each other out.” Rue Morgue

“Mixed in with all the flashbacks, music video style sequences, montages and assorted random shots of LA there are details about the characters sprinkled in. Family issues, mental issues etc. If you’re looking for an arthouse drama great. But Choke claims to be a horror film and it doesn’t deliver at all on that level.” Voices from the Balcony


Choke is distributed by Cinema Epoch and available to stream via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:

Shane Ryan … Brandon
Scott Butler … Robert
Sarah Brine … Jeanie / Peyton
Lisa London … Stephanie
Sal Landi … Stanton
Chris Spinelli … Timothy
Barry Sattels … Rodick
Brynda Mattox … Bobbie
Nicole D’Angelo … Tilly
Tania Fox … Andrea
Joycelyne Lew … Ottavia
Saige Spinney … Louise
Bella Cruz … Dahlia
Jennifer Field … Helena
Benny Tjandra … Tynan

Technical details:

73 minutes

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