WALK AWAY (2020) Review and overview


Walk Away is a 2020 American science-fiction horror feature film about a group of friends who go to a remote cabin in the woods but find that they cannot leave.

Written, produced and directed by Jason Dean and Matthew Nash (making their feature debut), the 454 Productions/Inanimate production stars Alyssa Talbot, Faith Kelly, Ben Bocko, Amy Zubieta and Chris J. Faria.


A group of friends go for a summer weekend of hiking and drinking by the campfire and soon learn that their remote Vermont getaway won’t let them go back home.

Each time they attempt to walk away from the cabin, they appear back in the attic or the basement. Unfortunately, tensions arise and violence ensues…


“It’s a darker variation on Groundhog Day. Though not as dark as say Triangle or Koko-di Koko-da. At least, not at first. But as the seasons change, tempers, and sanity, start to fray. Of course, it’s a slow burn as they gradually unravel. But once things hit critical mass and blood is spilled the pace picks up as Walk Away moves into its final act.” Voices from the Balcony


Walk Away is available free to view with Amazon Prime

Choice dialogue:

Eli: “Some people don’t have to drink to have fun, Mike.”

Eli: “This is such bullsh*t. I can’t believe this.”

Rachael: “This cabin is evil, Sam.”

Cast and characters:

Alyssa Talbot … Samantha
Faith Kelly … Rachael
Ben Bocko … Eli
Amy Zubieta … Annie
Chris J. Faria … Mike

Filming locations:

Putney, Vermont

Technical details:

91 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16×9

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