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‘Karma is coming for us all’

Don’t Look Back is a 2020 American supernatural horror feature film that revolves around a young woman overcoming her traumatic past; she is among several witnesses who see a man fatally assaulted and don’t intervene, they find themselves targeted by someone, or something, out for revenge…

Written and directed by Jeffrey Reddick (The Final Wish; Dead Awake; Day of the Dead 2008; Tamara; Final Destination), the Hood River Entertainment production stars Kourtney Bell (It Follows), Will Stout (The Barn), Skyler Hart (The X Species; 1313: Bermuda Triangle; 1313: Actor Slash Model) and Jeremy Holm (The Ranger). The working title was Good Samaritan as this feature is based on Riddick’s 2014 short film of the same name

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” …the real star here is Kourtney Bell. The actress gives a very genuine performance as a very scared and paranoid woman dealing with a few unsettling events. The budget at times is noticeable and occasionally lessens the impact, but this is rare. Ultimately this is an evenly-paced and on occasion, a surprisingly emotional feature.” Arrow in the Head

“The lack of strong scares is also disappointing even if it does occasionally ramp up the tension to a nice notch. However, it does pepper in a few jump scares and one or two hit the mark. Overall, Don’t Look Back is a good movie that delivers strong performances, a well-thought-out story and an effective resolution.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“It’s not that this movie is entirely bad. It just isn’t really good either which is a damn shame. In many ways, Don’t Look Back comes across like a TV movie in all the worst ways; The production quality is unimpressive and the characters come across as stiff and one-dimensional.” Heaven of Horror

Don’t Look Back is an entertaining movie that makes an interesting argument. It’s dark and sad and filled with action and a ton of spookiness. It’s definitely worth watching.” Horror Fuel

” …I loved the drama and the psychological tidbits worked into the script. I mean, what’s worse than the real-life brutality humans do to each other on a daily basis? This plot point had me hooked from the start and completely unable to look away. While Don’t Look Back is low on gore and atmosphere, it’s above average in every other department.” Horror Society

“Bell is the film’s one revelation, and her spirited performance goes a long way towards keeping us onboard with a movie that plays a little too close to a second rate Lifetime thriller. With a seasoned director at the helm and some satisfying set-pieces, Don’t Look Back could easily have made for an entertaining throwback to turn of the century popcorn horror. As it is, it’s both literally and metaphorically bloodless.” The Movie Waffler

“Aside from its heavy-handed and laboured critique of people who film violence rather than intervene there’s nothing really new or unexpected here, it’s literally by-the-numbers and very safe. It’s intended for a younger audience and consequently feels watered down but as an undemanding, daft Saturday’s night entertainment for the less discerning and critical among you this will tick off all the boxes nicely.” My Bloody Reviews

” …there are none of the OTT deaths from Final Destination. There’s none of the energy either. Don’t Look Back just plods along to an underwhelming but not unexpected explanation and climax. And that comes with an annoyingly in your face religious message on top of everything else. The attempt to shake things up with a final twist just makes it all worse.” Voices from the Balcony

“As a horror movie, it boasts plenty of great jump scares, a strong, dread-soaked atmosphere, and an evocative color palette made up almost entirely of greys and blues. A third act game of cat and mouse, which takes place in an under-construction house, is also very cleverly choreographed. The specter of Final Destination looms large, but Don’t Look Back is confidently its own thing…” Wicked Horror


Don’t Look Back is released theatrically and On-Demand – Buy via – on October 16th 2020.

Theatre Address City
ITBS – Rockin’ 8 Cinemas 1204 Bowens Mill
Studio Movie Grill – Studio Movie Grill Duluth 3850 Venture Dr Duluth
ITBS – Citadel Mall Stadium 16 2072 Sam Rittenberg Blvd Charleston
ITBS – Northwoods Stadium Cinemas 2181 Northwoods BL North Charleston
ITBS – Ayrsley Grand Cinemas 9110 Kings Parade Blvd Charlotte
ITBS – Carolina Mall Stadium Cinemas 8 120 Country Club Dr Ne Concord
ITBS – Eastgate Stadium Cinemas 5 823 Hwy 24/27 E Albemarle
Goodrich – Capital 8 3550 Country Club Dr Jefferson City
Goodrich – Forum 8 1209 Forum Katy Pkwy Columbia
Studio Movie Grill – Studio Movie Grill NW Highway 10110 Technology Blvd E Dallas
Goodrich – Quality 16 3686 Jackson Rd Ann Arbor
Odyssey Entertaimnent – Washington Square 7 808 Washington Ave Detroit Lakes
Goodrich – Kalamazoo 10 820 Maple Hill Dr Kalamazoo
Odyssey Entertaiment – Fond Du Lac 8 1131 W Scott St Fond du Lac
ITBS – Carousel Cinemas @ Alamance Xings 1090 Piper Lane Burlington
ITBS – Two Rivers Cinemas 132 Two Rivers Drive Wilkesboro
ITBS – Lexington Cinema 8 235 N Talbert Blvd Lexington
Goodrich – Brownsburg 8 GDX 1555 N Green St Brownsburg
Goodrich – Wabash Landing 9 300 E State St West Lafayette
ITBS – Governor’s Crossing Stadium 14 1402 Hurley Doctor Sevierville
Goodrich – Jackson 10 1501 N Wisner St Jackson
Odyssey Entertainment – Century 9 766 Century Ave Sw Hutchinson
Theatre Srv Net – Grand 22 1486 Interstate Loop Bismarck
Goodrich – Willow Knolls 14 4100 W Willow Knolls Dr Peoria
ITBS – Twin County 3 957 E Stuart Dr Galax
Odyssey Entertainment – Cinemagic Stadium 12 2171 Superior Dr NW Rochester
Odyssey Entertainment – Cinemagic 7 1301 18th Ave Nw Austin
Larry Miller Theatres – Megaplex Theatres at Valley Fair Mall + IMAX 3601 South 2700 West West Valley City
Larry Miller Theatres – Megaplex Theatres @ Geneva + IMAX 600 North Mill Road Vineyard
ITBS – Northridge 10 435 William Hilton Pkwy Hilton Head Island
Odyssey Entertainment – Great Lakes 7 1698 Exchange St Okoboji
Studio Movie Grill – Studio Movie Grill Tyler 8954 S. Broadway Ave Tyler

Cast and characters:

Kourtney Bell … Caitlin Kramer
Will Stout … Lucas Helton
Skyler Hart … Josh Bowman
Jeremy Holm … Detective Boyd
Jaqueline Fleming … Althea Minnis
Amanda Grace Benitez … Maria Sanchez
Damon Lipari … Curt Miley
Han Soto … Tony Cusumano
Dean J. West … Douglas Helton
Stephen Twardokus … Nathan Rome
Bryan Batt … Reverend Farmer
Katelyn Pearce … Doctor Bolin
Ashton Leigh … Wendy
Escalante Lundy … Mr Steinman
Dominic ‘Taz’ Alexander … Street Preacher

Filming locations:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Here is the 2014 short film Good Samaritan on which this feature is based:

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