The Widow (2020) – preview with trailer

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The Widow is a 2020 Russian horror feature film about a people going missing in a forest supposedly haunted by a dark spirit known as the Limping Widow. The original title is Vdova

Directed by Ivan Minin from a screenplay co-written with Natalya Dubovaya and Ivan Kapitonov, the movie stars Viktotiya Potemina, Anastasiia Gribova, Margarita Bychkova and Ilya Agapov.


In a densely forested area north of St. Petersburg people have been going missing for three decades. The few corpses that have been found were naked.

On October 14th 2017, a team of volunteers went out into the woods in search of a missing teenager. Soon, all communication with them was lost. Locals believe they were taken by the same dark spirit that took the others. They call it the Limping Widow…

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• Viktotiya Potemina
• Anastasiia Gribova
• Margarita Bychkova
• Ilya Agapov
• Aleksey Aniskin
• Konstantin Nesterenko
• Oleg Chugunov


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