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UK Haunters is a vlog-style documentary feature film that explores the UK haunt scene from the point-of-view of filmmaker Dan Brownlie (Faces of SnuffGrindsploitation: The MovieSerial KallerSelf Induced Nightmares).

While shooting The Tombs, a feature film at the London Tombs scare attraction, director Dan Brownlie got a peek into the inner workings of how scare attractions work and some of the tricks of the trade.

Bowled over by the ingenuity and inventiveness he decided he needed to know more. After searching for more information Dan found there were no documentaries covering the huge UK scene, so decided to take a year ad document what he found.

Heavily inspired by found-footage horror films this documentary has an often unique visual style that mirrors the diverse nature of the industry it’s representing. What he found was shocking, amazing, heartwarming and inspiring…

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“What really came through in the documentary is the passion and love that everyone involved in the industry has for what they do and the immense time and effort that goes into every aspect of an attraction. From the commitment of the scare actors with every character they portray to the people who run the attractions and the amount of planning that they put into making everything the best it can be. ” Scare Directory

” …we think that Dan really gets under the skin of the UK scare scene, by showcasing the variety of scare entertainment in the UK. We did find the final reel to be a bit out of place with the rest of the movie. It wasn’t quite a “jumping the shark” moment but we felt the documentary tried too hard to go out on a bang […] But saying that – we would definitely recommend giving it a watch!” Scare Tour

Technical details:

• 91 minutes
• Audio: Stereo
• HD

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