THE LITTLE PEOPLE (2021) Preview


The Little People is a 2021 British home invasion horror feature film about a young couple fending off a gang of malevolent goblins.

Directed by Jon Wright (Robot Overlords; Grabbers; Tormented) from a screenplay written by Mark Stay, based on a story they both devised, the Tempo Productions movie is being produced by Piers Tempest. A cast has yet to be announced.


Londoners Maya and Jamie escape their urban nightmare to the tranquillity of rural Ireland only to discover malevolent, murderous goblins lurking in the gnarled, ancient wood at the foot of their new garden. When heavily pregnant Maya’s relationship with a local family turns sour, who – or what – will come to her rescue and what extremes will she go to to protect her unborn child?


Although the vicious Little People are being described as goblins they are actually based on local faeries known as “far darrig” which director Jon Wright explains are “related to gnomes and leprechauns, but are sort of like the black sheep of the family.”

Touted as ‘Gremlins meets Straw Dogs‘, the creature feature movie will use prosthetic effects rather than CGI.  Five-foot actors wearing masks (created by Harry Potter FX wizard Shaune Harrison) will be filmed in a giant set to make them appear small. VFX will then be used to animate the mini monsters in post-production.

Jon Wright elaborates: “When I look back at these old creature features, you don’t really believe that the things are real. They’re great movies, but the effects definitely haven’t stood the test of time. And when I see the modern CG versions of goblins or elves or whatever, I don’t quite believe them either.”

Another element that Wright and co-writer Mark Stay have considered in detail is the methods by which the murderous Little People are offed. “We basically wrote a shopping list of death,” he explained, adding that they went around a house thinking of how everyday items could be used to kill two-foot-tall evil creatures. Laughing, he says: “And you’ll be amazed. I mean, you never see a deck chair as a murder weapon.”

The Little People is being pre-sold at the Virtual Cannes Market by Cornerstone Films.

Source: THR

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