LEGIONS (2020) Preview of Argentinian demonic movie


Legions is a 2020 Argentinian horror feature film about an imprisoned man who must use his powers of sorcery to escape and rescue his daughter from danger.

Directed by Fabián Forte, the Coruya Cine production stars Germán De Silva (El Caníbal), Lorena Vega and Ezequiel Rodriguez.

Director Fabián Forte commented: “Legions is a supernatural story that mixes different narrative lines and genres. The story is fantastic and contains irony, humour and obviously the elements of the horror genre. These ingredients, plus strong and human characters, evil and imaginary beings (or perhaps not), the dizzying pace and the climates of tension create a product designed for a young audience, where adrenaline and humour are the support to tell a mystical and critical history of the modern world and the lack of beliefs.”


FilmSharks (Morgue) has chomped up world sales right plus options on an English-language remake.


There are no reviews of Legions available currently as it is currently in post-production; please bookmark this website and return again for a range of independent, aggregated reviews.

Source: Deadline

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