The Goocher (USA) preview with teaser trailer

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‘You can’t run. You can’t hide. Just die.’

The Goocher is a 2020 American horror feature film about a mythical female-shaped being that may be an extraterrestrial. When six strangers are left in the woods to fend for their lives, there’s one enemy they weren’t expecting.

Written and directed by William Lee (Black Mamba; 6 Feet Below Hell; Demons Rising; Soulripperz), the Cinema Lexzikon Productions movie stars Erin Perez, Megan Hall, Shirley Gerber, Carolyn L Seymour and Robert Lamar Burns.


Who or what is The Goocher? The legend began as a Native American folk tale, warning of an evil spirit that never dies. Scientific research points to possible extraterrestrial origins, with unidentifiable energy-filled creatures inhabiting the deep forests of North America.

Most recently, conspiracy theorists state the phenomenon is no myth or alien, but rather a genetically advanced being created by a “dark” government group. Now, in the woods of Ohio, locals have reported sightings of a disfigured woman, angry and menacing, but unapproachable…the telltale sign of The Goocher. What is the horrific truth about this being?


In the USA, True Found released The Goocher on DVD on May 19th 2020. Order DVD via

It is also available On-Demand

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Main cast and characters:

Erin Perez … Macy
Megan Hall … Kody
Shirley Gerber … Cole
Carolyn L Seymour … Desiree Crabtree
Robert Lamar Burns … Mankato
Michael Matthew Moore … Alfred E. Newman
Anita Farmer Bergman … Valarie Jones
Andi Gudgeon … Rico
Grace Kelly … Lana
Donald Smith … Massai Petrovich
Erin Perez … Macy
Caleb Dwayne Tucker … Bobby / Guard
Louis Banks … Police Officer
Reese Foster … Zombie
Rae Edwards Treherne … Zombie
Latoya Kleinhans … Zombie
David Watson … Zombie
Jacqueline Wright … Zombie
Hickory Taylor … Zombie
Ramona Schwalbach … Zombie
Larry Oeffner … Zombie
Christine O’Dell … Zombie

Technical details:

87 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

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