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‘Family is served.’

Broil is a 2020 American horror Feature film about a dysfunctional family of demons vying to control the future of their wealth.

Directed by Edward Drake (Cosmic Sin; Breach; Animals) from a screenplay co-written with Piper Mars, the 308 Ent-Good Complex production stars Timothy V. Murphy (The Trees Have Eyes; Tragedy Girls; Spiders), Lochlyn Munro (Dead Voices; Penance; Dracula 2000), Jonathan Lipnicki (Beware the Lake; Circus Kane; Beast of the Bering Sea) and Alyson Bath (Girl House; Evil Feed).


A listless grand-daughter, Chance Sinclair (Avery Konrad), is sentenced to live with her draconian grand-father, August (Timothy V. Murphy) after a violent incident at school and begins to question the source of her families immense wealth and power.

When Chance’s scheming Mom, June (Annette Reilly), hires a troubled chef, Sydney (Johnathan Lipnicki), to poison August, the family’s monstrous secrets are revealed over the course of one bloody night. Every soul is up for grabs as The Sinclair Family Games Night gets underway and Chance learns that being apart of this family is a blood-in, blood-out proposition…

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There is really nothing potential viewers need to know in advance about Broil beyond the brief and intriguing opening plot teaser above. To say anything more would ruin the revelations in its unique and rapidly unfolding scenario which is divided into chapters such as ‘A Killer Recipe’. Any consideration of the conspiracies and feverish family betrayals that are revealed would go into serious spoiler territory. Trust me, brevity is best in this case.

Largely set in a suitably monstrous mansion atop a verdant hill, Edward Drake’s somewhat elliptical film unfolds with the use of flash-forwards and backwards, some rapidly edited sections and is dominated throughout by Hugh Wielenga’s brooding soundtrack score (which is occasionally too loud). It’s a heady cinematic brew, for sure, but after some initially baffling set-up scenes, it soon rewards attentive viewers with a focal feast scene that is genuinely gripping in its intensity due to the poison-filled murderous intrigue that unravels around the table. Betrayal, vitriol and an other-worldly onslaught ensue thereafter and it’s a tantalising treat to behold. Some pernickety viewers may be disappointed by the family’s supernatural origins but traditional horror genre genealogy be “damned”, originality makes for a change, even if it’s somewhat fuzzy.

The cast is all on fine form, especially Timothy V. Murphy as the domineering demonic patriarch: “The Sinclairs are gifted. We have gifts that others don’t have. A purpose” he declares knowingly at one point. Meanwhile, Jonathan Lipnicki is compelling as the seemingly autistic young chef who is alternately subdued and then enraged and who harbours a dark secret. In the central role, Avery Konrad is a treat as feisty Chance, a confused teen who gradually learns that she doesn’t just suffer from a rare skin condition that requires a blood transfusion every day.

Broil is a refreshing delight. It’s filled with twists and turns that make other movies based around murder-filled meals such as The Dinner Party seem positively staid. Plus, after all the Machiavellian machinations and mayhem, there’s an ending that’s genuinely touching. Make sure you partake of Broil‘s pleasures as soon as you can.

Adrian J. Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“Broil offers an original and interesting story about dysfunctional families and family disputes over wealth and power, that fall far from being able to exploit its potential mainly for not correctly focusing its ideas. Although the story suffers from being all over the place, it is interesting and entertaining, especially the final stretch and the unexpected and emotive outcome.” 10th Circle


Broil was released online on VOD by Well Go Entertainment on July 5 2020.

Cast and characters:

Timothy V. Murphy … August Sinclair
Lochlyn Munro … Freddie Oaks
Jonathan Lipnicki … Sydney
• Alyson Bath … May Sinclair
• Catherine Lough Haggquist … January Sinclair
• Abby Ross … Lady Hellfire
• John Cassini … February Sinclair
• Phoebe Miu … April Sinclair
• Jenna Berman … Dakota McKellen
• Megan Peta Hill … Adelaide McKellen
• Avery Konrad … Chance Sinclair
• Corey Large … November Sinclair
• Annette Reilly … June Sinclair
• Matthew Nelson-Mahood … Joe
• Lyric Kennedy … Sabine
• Maxime Beauchamp … Mister Teacher
• Everly Large … Chloe the Kid
• Agathe Girard … Aggie the Parent
• Berlin Lu … Mugga Brad
• Nevin Burkholder … Kyle the Impatient
• Ahmed Mogharbel … Cousin Flake 1
• Vincent Galano … Cousin Flake 2
• Ben Heidi … August the Demon (as Heidi Ben)
• Edward Drake … King of Horns
• Catherine Lough Haggquist … January Sinclair
• Samantha Hum … Geraldine Assisi
• Mitchell Baker … Pauly
• Trevor Lerner … O.G. Pauly (as Trevor Learner)
• Lochlyn Munro … Freddie Oaks
• Tracey Roath … Carolina
• Jed Weiss … Barry Berkman (as Jedd Weiss)
• Justin Snowball … Deckard Rickson (uncredited)

Filming locations:

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Technical details:

90 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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