Blinders (2020) preview of rideshare stalker thriller movie, with trailer

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Blinders is a 2020 American thriller feature film about a young man who unwittingly befriends an unstable rideshare driver who then stalks him.

Directed by Tyler Savage (Inheritance) from a screenplay co-written with Dash Hawkins, the movie stars Christine Ko (Extracurricular Activities), Vincent Van Horn (Inheritance), Michael Lee Joplin (#Slaughterhouse) and Dusty Sorg (Abductee; Bloodline).


We now live in a world where fake news is a reality, where the bad guys win because they manipulate our collective vulnerabilities. Meet Andy Escobedo, starting fresh after a messy break-up, relocating from Austin to Los Angeles.

Eager to make new connections, he befriends Roger, an unusual rideshare driver. But when Roger’s behaviour gets too strange for comfort, Andy dumps him, choosing to focus on a budding relationship with Sam instead. But Roger has no intention of being ditched that easily…


Blinders will premiere at the Arrow Video Digital FrightFest on 31st August 2020.

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Cast and characters:

Christine Ko … Sam
Vincent Van Horn … Andy
Michael Lee Joplin … Roger
Dusty Sorg … Cheeto
Carla Valentine … Officer Moore
Scott Subiono … Officer Dawson
Landry Allbright … Erin
Paula Jai Parker … Evelyn
Chase Joliet … Colton
Stephanie Barkley … Kim
Steve Sobel … Derrick
Alex Dobrenko … Boris
Darius Marcell … Jeremy
Jongman Kim … Cashier
Rebecca Knowles … Sandy

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