Paranormal Attraction (2020) reviews and overview

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‘He’ll love you to death’

Paranormal Attraction is a 2020 American horror feature film about a young woman who encounters evil when she conducts a house clearance.

Directed by Alex T. Hwang (Lilith; Prey, in Cold Blood) from a screenplay written by Richard J. Aguirre (Lilith), based on Hwang’s storyline, the Tiberius Film Limited movie stars Brooklyn Haley (Bearry; Camp Twilight; Desert Moon), Nicole Cinaglia (Death House; Camp Dread), Eden Shea Beck (R.I.A.; My BFF Satan) and Hunter Johnson (Verotika; Crossbreed). It was produced by Kathleen W. Hwang, Pat Kusnadi and Thomas Haley.


A young woman, Sara Myer (Brooklyn Haley), moves into an abandoned house with a tragic and mysterious past. As Sarah begins to purge the house of the previous owner’s belongings, she begins to uncover its deadly secrets.

Rookie police officer Evelyn Bennett (Nicole Cinaglia) helps her investigate the mysterious happenings and captures Sara’s heart. Will they learn the secrets of the house or will the house claim Sara’s soul?

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“Scenes felt forced and genuine displays of emotion were uncommon. Whether this was a result of the written dialogue the cast had to work with or the cast performances remains unclear. That being said, I enjoyed watching Sarah’s friend Nick (Hunter Johnson). He provided charisma and brought much-needed life to the film.” Horror Buzz

“There’s several good jumps along with an air of menace throughout the film. Which lets Paranormal Attraction builds nicely to an energetic if somewhat familiar climax. That cast all do a good job […]  While a bit restrained compared to what I was expecting from the director, Paranormal Attraction is a well done Blumhouse style film.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Brooklyn Haley … Sara Meyers
Nicole Cinaglia … Officer Evelyn Bennett
Hunter Johnson … Nick
Eden Shea Beck … Kelly
Jennifer Nangle … Melanie
Ashley Vetere … Natalie
Robert Downs … James
Thomas Haley … Officer Monroe
Jackie Falcon … Officer Sanchez
Charles Chudabala … Paul
Al Burke … Officer Cooper
Darell M. Davie … Jeff
Siani Lee … Lorissa

Technical details:

90 minutes


The movie was filmed as Unholy Attraction

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