Conjuring the Devil aka Demon Nun (2020) review of possession horror pic

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‘A new chapter in terror’

Conjuring the Devil aka Demon Nun is a 2020 American horror feature film about a young woman of faith who must battle against a demonic nun.

Written and directed by Brian Schiavo [as Max Dementor] (Lifeform; Shapeshifter), the Strangewerks Films production stars Rebekah Madebach, Ryan Natalino, Ken Driesslein and Nick DeMatteo.


Kate (Rebekah Madebach), a young woman of faith, publicly humiliates a new priest at her church when he tries to drive out members of the congregation. In retaliation, the priest calls upon the spirit of an evil nun for revenge. Kate must unravel the secret of this vengeful demon before it destroys her and everyone she knows…


In the USA, Wild Eye Releasing will unleash Conjuring the Devil on DVD on September 29, 2020.

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Choice dialogue:

“When are you going to get it? God is a f*cking murder machine!”

Main cast and characters:

Rebekah Madebach … Kate
Ryan Natalino … Tara
Ken Driesslein … Father Brock
Nick DeMatteo … Father Dalton
Colleen Ann White … Sister Bonaventure
Shawn Simmons … Jean
Maria de Jesus Castellon … Lydia
Rob Becerra … Officer Smith
Matthew Edell … James
Johnny Stevenson … Officer Jones
Darren Barcomb … EMT Ellison
Rachel Rivera … Nancy
Gene DiNapoli … Detective Swanson
April Fine… Alice
Allegra Ashton … Diane
April Love … Sarah
Allison Caitlynn … Callie
Gaurab Bhattacharjee … Dean
Michael A McGrath … Churchgoer
Nicholas Peters … Churchgoer
Bronislava Borikova … Maria

Technical details:

114 minutes
16:9 HD


Originally titled Demon Nun


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