The Bridge Curse (2020) preview of Taiwanese horror movie soon on Netflix

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The Bridge Curse is a 2020 Taiwanese horror feature film about a group of students who dare to test the urban legend of a ghostly bridge. The tragic scene of a woman’s suicide, the bridge now unleashes evil at midnight. Original title: 女鬼橋

Directed by Lester Hsi [as Lester Shih] from a screenplay written by Keng-Ming Chang, based on a storyline by Po-Hsiang Hao, the movie stars Ning Chang, Cheng Ko, J.C. Lin, Summer Meng, Vera Yen and Wan-Ru Zhan.

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“This is a lazy and uninspiring movie that wants to empty the pockets of especially teenagers who are afraid of their own shadow. But the movie is not scary. It has no intense scenes […] The Bridge Curse is just a generic horror movie that has no soul. It’s sh*t, pure and simple!” Not Only Hollywood

“Director Lester Shih’s (奚岳隆) ability is evident in his feature debut as he skillfully utilizes various devices to conceal the secret to the very end while dropping many subtle hints that will make sense much later — but unfortunately at the expense of the first half. This last part should have been drawn out a lot more, perhaps with the journalist playing a larger role, making the film more of a trippy, horror-tinged mystery thriller instead.” Taipei Times

“A late-game revelation helps make this otherwise routine shriek-fest slightly more interesting than it deserves to be. But I’m feeling generous: the movie gets a bonus half a star for running under 90 minutes.” Today


Released in Taiwan on 27 February 2020. The Bridge Curse will stream on Netflix from 27 August 2020.

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