BLOODTHIRST (2020) Preview of post-apocalyptic vampire movie with teaser



Bloodthirst is 2020 American science-fiction horror feature film set in a post-apocalyptic world run by vampires. Only the strong survive and John Shepard (Costas Mandylor), a vampire hunter, is one of them. John has to track down and eliminate the master vampire before he himself gets turned.

Directed by Michael Su (Bridge of the Doomed; Doomed; My Demon Within; The Revolting Dead) from a screenplay co-written by Massimiliano Cerchi (Mayday; The Night Shift; The House of Evil) and Adrian Milnes, the Mahal Empire-Blaen-Y-Bootleg Films production stars Robert LaSardo (Attack of the Unknown; Sky Sharks; Cynthia), Tara Reid, Costas Mandylor (Panacea; Residue; Blood Trap; et al), Elissa Dowling (Clown Fear; Automation; Rootwood) and Sarah French.


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Cast and characters:

Robert LaSardo … Vampire Master
Tara Reid … Vampire Queen
Costas Mandylor … John Shepard
Elissa Dowling … Elena Thompson
Sarah French … Brooke Thompson
Stacy Johnson … Executive producer
Eileen Dietz … Peggy Sue
Tatiana Sokolova … Destias
Kevin Hager … Abbadon
Ben Stobber … Martin
Christian Larson … Lambert
Bishop Stevens … Torque
Darryl Goldberg … Jack Williams
Michael Cervantes … Follower
Dee Cutrone … Doris

Filming locations:


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