Intersect (2020) preview of Lovecraftian sci-fi horror thriller with trailer

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‘Never is safe’

is a 2020 American science-fiction horror feature film about young Miskatonic University scientists that invent a time machine. Unfortunately, they discover that they are being manipulated by mysterious, unseen forces from another dimension.

Written and directed by Gus Holwerda, the Black Chalk-Shirley Films production stars James Morrison (Captain Marvel; Twin Peaks), Richard Dawkins, Jason Spisak (Superman: Dark Son; Batman: Hush; Piranha 3D), Leeann Dearing and Jose Rosete (Monsters of Man; Portal; Battlefield 2025).


Intersect will be available On-Demand on September 15, 2020, via 1091 Media.

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Cast and characters:

James Morrison … Bill Marshall
Richard Dawkins … Q42 / Computer
Jason Spisak … Ryan Winrich
Abe Ruthless … Nate Beaumont
Leeann Dearing … Caitlin Webb
Jose Rosete … Abner Rosen
Dartagnan Driscoll … Young Ryan
Kelcey Bligh … Young Caitlin
Ryan Adelson … Young Nate
Jacob Lacy … Young Abner
Michaela Dean … Emma
Frank Aaron … Detective
J. Benton … Onlooker
Garrett Boyd … Geoffrey
Joe DiGiovanni … Bully

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