RAVENSTEIN (2020) Preview of British killer birdman horror


Ravenstein is a 2020 British horror feature film about buddies David and Marky who stumble upon an abandoned worksite with a dark secret. Tempted by urban exploration, they find themselves hunted by a killer birdman.

Directed by Eveshka Ghost from a screenplay co-written with Thomas Walters, the movie stars James McClusky, Nik Kaneti-Dimmer, Chris Wilson and Martyn Eade.


” …a testament of how a healthy dose of creativity, cinematic ingenuity and a good helping of genre-savvy can overcome the limitations of an admittedly neglectable budget, as the film tells a character-based story rather than relying purely on spectacle, makes perfect use of its rundown location and presents us with a rather original monster that’s only gradually revealed throughout the movie for full effect…” Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

James McClusky … David
Nik Kaneti-Dimmer … Marky
Chris Wilson … Jack
Martyn Eade … Ray
Seth Easterbrook … Charlie
Thomas Walters … Andy