Cryptids (2021) preview of Joe Bob Briggs monster anthology with teaser trailer

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‘Every caller has got a story about creature encounters… Pray they’re only legends.’

Cryptids is a 2021 American horror anthology feature film about a paranormal radio show that takes calls of a different kind – from individuals who have encountered creatures from the unknown! These involve legends such as Bigfoot, Loveland Frogman, Chupacabras, the Beast of Bladenboro, Dover Demon, the Mothman and others…

The directors of each segment are:

Brett DeJager … (Hopkinsville Goblins)
Zane Hershberger … (The Melonheads)
John William Holt … (The Loveland Frogman)
Robert Kuhn … (Bigfoot)
Billy ‘Bloody Bill’ Pon … (wraparound)
Justin M. Seaman … (The Beast of Bladenboro)

Cryptids is produced by Justin M. Seaman (The Barn and The Barn Part II) and Zane Hershberger (Force to Fear; 10/31)


‘Cryptids’ takes place in a radio station during a show called “The Truth Serum” hosted by Major Harlan Dean (John Bloom aka Joe Bob Briggs). Harlan decides to tackle the topic of cryptozoology but as the phone lines light up and the calls come in, each caller’s stories become increasingly more bizarre and Harlan starts to question if real dangers are lurking outside the station…

Crowdfunding campaign:

Meanwhile, there is an active IndieGoGo campaign to help wrap up the production and some of the perks include signed Blu-rays, DVDs and posters signed by the filmmakers and Joe Bob Briggs.

Teaser trailer:

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