Fetus (2020) review and overview of Indonesian pregnancy horror

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Fetus is a 2020 Indonesian horror feature film about a pregnant wife’s baby in danger from the spirit of her husband’s ex-lover. Original title: Janin

Directed by Ook Budiyono – making his feature film debut – from a screenplay written by Evelyn Afnilia (Letter from Death; Uka-Uka the Movie: Nini Tulang; Roh Fasik; Keluarga Tak Kasat Mata), the Paw Pictures production stars Jill Gladys (Anak Setan), Reuben Elishama (Takut: Faces of Fear), Meriam Bellina (Satanic aka Kafir) and Arnold Leonard (Roh Mati Paksa: Cinta Berujung Maut; Lampor: The Flying Coffin). Produced by Sanjeev Advani (Devil’s Whisper; Nothing Left to Fear).


Randu (Reuben Elishama Hadju) and Dinar (Jill Gladys) are happy because Dinar is due to conceive in four months. However, their happiness slowly disappears when a middle-aged woman, Sukma (Meriam Bellina), becomes their new neighbour. Strangeness makes Dinar feel scared and often disturbs the growing fetus in the womb.

Dinar feels threatened when she sees a female ghost who wants to take her baby. She tells Randu but he thinks she is hallucinating. Nevertheless, he arranges for a nurse to look after Dinar which makes her calmer, initially.

However, the female ghost suddenly begins troubling her again and almost does her physical harm. In the meantime, without Randu and Dinar knowing, Sukma is always watching their lives…

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“With premature horror elements and the fact that the flesh of the story is too slow to emerge, this film is like the fruit of an unwanted marriage of superficial script and clueless direction.” My Dirt Sheet [translated from Javanese]

Cast and characters:

Jill Gladys … Dinar
Reuben Elishama … Randu
Meriam Bellina … Sukma
Arnold Leonard … Tristan
Babe Cabita … Rio
Rhesa Putri … Nurse Susan
Richelle Georgette Skornicki
Regina Rengganis … TBC
Dayu Wijanto … Bidan

Technical details:

85 minutes

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