THE LAST RITE (2020) Reviews of British sleep paralysis demon pic


‘Don’t let him in’

The Last Rite is a 2020 British horror film about a female medical student who suffers from recurring sleep paralysis. Unfortunately, after moving in with her boyfriend she finds herself plagued by a demonic entity.

Written, directed, photographed and edited by actor Leroy Kincaide (The Rizen: Possession; I Am Vengeance; The Lethal Game) – making his feature directorial debut.

The Nocturnal Pictures production stars Johnny Fleming, Bethan Waller, Tara Hoyos-Martinez and David Kerr. Produced by Chloe Chudasama and Leroy Kincaide.

The Last Rite Horror Feature Film


“The importance of characters and world-building shines bright in Leroy Kincaide’s assured debut feature. With shifting perspectives and well-executed scare sequences, The Last Rite is a tale of demonic possession that respects the frameworks of the story whilst still striking out into its own new and exciting directions.” The Hollywood News

The Last Rite Horror Feature Film

“Kincaide may have stretched himself too thin by doing everything here, with the script notably weaker than the direction, photography and sound design.  The dialogue is often clunky, the pacing is weirdly off […]  It does have a nice sense of ominous gloom and one or two gooseflesh-prompting moments.” The Kim Newman Website

” …an oddly slow movie that seems to drag its feet for the majority of the runtime; the pace is doddering at best […] The direction is serviceable, with the production design nicely minimal with a few striking pieces adding visual interest at least, and one or two well-realised scenes of practical effects.” The Movie Waffler

The Last Rite Horror Film Frightfest

The Last Rite confounds the supernatural, the psychological and the spiritual in pinning down – or not – what exactly is afflicting Lucy. It is a matter hardly settled by the film’s inconclusive ending, leaving the suggestion that the heroine’s syndrome of problems – mental illness, sleep paralysis, childhood trauma, crippling grief, the patriarchy, maybe even genuine demonic possession – do not come with easy or pat solutions.” Projected Figures

The Last Rite Horror Film Frightfest

“For a low-budget independent movie, The Last Rite has the potential to be accessible to a more mainstream audience thanks to Kincaide’s impressive cinematography and the overall production values. While the acting is variable, it’s proficient enough to keep the viewer engaged with the story.” Starburst


In the USA, The Last Rite will be released On-Demand on November 26th 2021.

The film was shown at the 2021 Arrow Video FrightFest in London on August 28, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Johnny Fleming … Ben
Bethan Waller … Lucy
Tara Hoyos-Martinez … Ellie
David Kerr … Doctor Andrews
Hella Stichlmair … Emilia
Simon Rhys-Jones … Doctor Bennett
Kit Smith … Father Roberts
Julian White … Churchgoer
Ian Macnaughton … Ray
Gary Fuchs … Churchgoer
Joe James … The Hat Man
Aurea Williamson … Margaret
Deborah Blake … Carol
Christopher Garner … The Hat Man
Rosalind Stockwell … Nan

Technical details:

115 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2:39:1



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