THE IRON MASK (2019) Reviews and overview


The Iron Mask is a 2019 Russian-Chinese-American feature film set in the 18th century about cartographer Jonathan Green who is mapping the Far East. He’s forced to go to China, where he confronts the Dragon Master. The movie is a sequel to Forbidden Empire (2012). Original Russian title: Tayna pechati drakona and also known as Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask and Mystery of the Dragon Seal

Directed by Oleg Stepchenko from a screenplay co-written by Dmitry Paltsev and Aleksey Petrukhin, the movie stars Jackie Chan, Jason Flemyng, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rutger Hauer.


In order to save his homeland from certain doom, a kung fu master (Jackie Chan) must escape from the maniacal James Hook (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in order to send his daughter a secret talisman that will allow her to control a massive and mythical dragon…


“Reminding me of such films as The Chronicles of Narnia, The Iron Mask has a beautiful cinematic gloss to it. The scenery and set detail along with the vibrancy and the overall look of the film is absolutely incredible. It’s such a shame that the audio drags the entire movie down tenfold as the visuals are cinematic perfection.” Back to the Movies

“A dry, overcrowded, sloppily-edited, CGI-laden mess of a fantasy flick with dodgy effects and unimpressive kung fu action, whose potentially adventurous story has no focus or sense of fun, this Chinese- Russian co-production is only worth- seeing for a couple of girl-dominant fights, and the amusing Jackie Chan vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger combat…” CineMarvellous!

“If you’re someone that doesn’t mind some poor acting and a story that you probably wont understand, there is plenty to have fun with here. Just prepare yourself going into it and know what to expect. There’s action, adventure and martial arts and if it clocked in at about ninety minutes it could have been even better.” Nerdly

” …delivers its goofy, overstuffed story with an old-fashioned adventure movie charm, and never turns dull even if it never becomes actively good. Even minus the two headlining stars, a climactic battle scene is nicely staged and choreographed atop some impressive Chinese sets as a Cossack army and Chinese villagers take on hulking man-in-suit monsters with magic powers.” The Prague Reporter

“The titular prop is removed and forgotten about abruptly and there’s never a standout character to root for. Nevertheless, The Iron Mask very rarely lets up in its action. Sure, you haven’t got a clue what’s going on or why, but there are some impressively choreographed combat sequences to distract you from the nonsense.” Review Avenue

“It’s a frequently silly, and occasionally dull experience, peppered with magical moments. And yet for all its faults it’s hard to dislike this charming but vapid fantasy schlock.” The Wee Review


Premiering in the USA on Digital and On Demand November 20th 2020 and on Blu-ray and DVD November 24th from Lionsgate.

Meanwhile, The Iron Mask is available to rent or buy in the UK via

Main cast and characters:

Jackie Chan … Master
Jason Flemyng … Jonathan Green
Arnold Schwarzenegger … James Hook
Xingtong Yao … Cheng Lan
Anna Churina … Miss Dudley
Yuri Kolokolnikov … Peter The Great
Rutger Hauer … Ambassador
Li Ma … Witch
Charles Dance … Lord Dudley

Technical details:

120 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: Dolby Atmos | Dolby Digital


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