Amber’s Descent (2020) reviews of Canadian ghost movie

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‘Someone’s watching over you.’

Amber’s Descent is a 2020 Canadian horror feature film about a renowned pianist who relocates to a rural farmhouse after a violent encounter. When the music mysteriously begins writing itself, Amber begins to discover that this piece could be her last.

Directed by Micheal Bafaro from a screenplay co-written with Michael Mitton, the movie stars Kayla Stanton, Michael Mitton, Don Knodel and Nathaniel Vossen.

Reviews: [may contain spoilers]

” …the film’s strength is with Stanton. As a slow burn, much of the film is her reactions to things, whether awake, dreaming, or dealing with unexplained events […] Where the film winds up is not as interesting as its journey to get there, but the haunting sadness of the story lingers behind, making it an overall effective film.” Cinema76

“The filmmakers’ ambitions for originality in its conclusion may have been a little bigger than the film could handle. Had they made a more conventional film […] this would be a solid thriller. As it is, viewers will enjoy the ride but may be let down by its end.” Killer Horror Critic


Amber’s Descent premiered at the 2020 Salem Horror Film Fest.

Cast and characters:

Kayla Stanton … Amber
Michael Mitton … Jim
Don Knodel … Father Lawrence
Nathaniel Vossen … Mark
Dione Russell … Cynthia
Colm Hill … Doctor Pearl
Destiny Millns … Young Woman
Kirsten Khorsand … Nurse
Sheron Russell … Miss Murphy
Jayden Shannon … Little Girl
Craig Paynton … Police Officer
Graham Daley … Paramedic
Sarah Seibert … Paramedic
Izzy … Miko the Cat


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