SCARY BRIDE (2020) Reviews of Russian comedy horror about witches


Scary Bride is a 2020 Russian comedy horror feature film about a young American who takes a trip to Russia in search of a marital partner.

Directed by Dan Grin (as Danil Grinkin) from a screenplay written by Anatol Ardin, the movie stars Vitt Ray, Evgeniya Yarushnikova, Roman Danilychev and Svetlana Egorova. Produced by Ildar Krimcheev.


On the advice of a friend, a young American clerk goes to Russia in search of a bride. When he meets the girl of his dreams, he discovers she’s a witch whose goal is to take a part of him, permanently. Can he escape from her clutches and get back home?


“A number of scenes following the lead’s first encounter with the truth about the Russian woman he got strongly attracted to are so predictable that the comedy is lost even if his actions try hard to suggest randomness. It also causes the more or less surprising end a little too difficult to wait for.” Leaky Loonage

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Diana Belova … Zombi
Andrew Craig … Matt
Roman Danilychev … Driver
Svetlana Egorova … Maria
Fluora Iskhakova … Old Nina
Vitt Ray … Anthony
Evgeniya Yarushnikova … Nina
Arnella Zubkova … Natasha


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