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‘Trick or treat! You’re dead meat!’

Black Pumpkin is a 2020 American horror feature film about two boys that accidentally uncover a grizzly small town urban legend.

Written and directed by Ryan McGonagle, the Triangle Road Entertainment-Egghead Productions-Twisted Tall Tale production stars Ellie Patrikios, Matt Rife, Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick and Dogen Eyeler.

This film is a sequel to Legend of Fall Creek aka Bloody Bobby.


Fall Creek Valley: Two boys accidentally uncover a grizzly urban legend that their small town attempted to keep buried in the past. What begins as innocent curiosity, spirals into a terrifying Halloween night of voodoo dolls, aggressive religious high school protests, a raving mad conspiracy theorist and Bloody Bobby the Hellspawn…


“This is a film where the audience knows the jokes and the scenarios by heart, but while there’s a consistently humorous undercurrent–blatant allusions to the likes of Romero, Halloween, The Exorcist, The Blair Witch and Clive Barker abound–the references don’t wink at viewers so much as acknowledge them as the common language of horror kids of all ages who giggle at seeing beloved Reagan-era VHS vibes fused onto a modern framework.” Critical Blast

“This movie is jam-packed with references that any slasher fan will be able to appreciate, although there were a few too many for me, and I would have preferred for them to be more subtle. This movie isn’t aiming for subtlety, however. It’s clear they wanted it to be loud about its love for the genre. It felt like an amalgamation of a lot of old classics…” Killer Horror Critics

” …there’s nothing particularly new to see with too many similarities to John Carpenter’s original Halloween flick and to a smaller degree director Michael Dougherty’s 2007 offering Trick ‘r Treat. However, there’s a great synth score, an agreeable cast and plenty of gory killings to ensure that this appeals to horror fans across the board.” My Bloody Reviews

“Usually, there’s at least something to like about the directing, soundtrack, or jokes in a terrible film. Sometimes even a bad movie will have a standout character. It makes a reviewer feel like a complete dick to say that a film has zero redeeming qualities, but sometimes, that’s where we end up. Not even so bad it’s good, Black Pumpkin is just a bland retread that’s hard to remember from the moment the credits roll.” Rue Morgue

“A bit too bright and polished in appearance, and never does anything completely original, but what helps this along is the camaraderie among the mostly-likable cast and sprinkles of cheesy gore. Never frightening, but does amuse.” Splatter Critic

“Writer/director Ryan McGonagle said he wanted to make an 80’s style horror film and he has. Unfortunately, it’s as much by scavenging bits and pieces from lots of 80s films and assembling them into a script. For the most part, he does stage them well […] There are some rather nasty kills in Black Pumpkin though the handling of them is a mixed bag.” Voices from the Balcony


“After our Feb 2020 reshoots, we buckled down during quarantine to accommodate the new edits. We can’t wait to see this Halloween classic introduced to the world by Uncork’d!” says Associate Producer Jacques Derosena, who also plays “Mr Carpenter”, a school teacher warning his students about Bloody Bobby and the dangers lurking in the area known as Diablo’s Den.

Black Pumpkin was filmed in various spots throughout LA County, before the pandemic struck, including one of Triangle Road Entertainment’s premier locations. Executive Producer Shaeda Moghaddam’s personal experience of witnessing a battle scene inspired her to share, “This bloody movie appeals to all generations of horror lovers. Magic happens when you work with a team of big imaginations, and now together with Keith Leopard from Uncork’d Entertainment, the possibilities have multiplied!”


Black Pumpkins is released On-Demand and DVD on December 8th 2020 by Uncork’d Entertainment.

Cast and characters:

Connor Weil … Ace
Matt Rife … Flash
Billy Armstrong … Coach James Callaway
Lily Keene … Maria
Kamilla Alnes … Sarah Leavitt
Alix Lane … Ashley (as Alix Schwartz)
Jo Osmond … Bloody Bobby
Jordyn Lucas … Britney Cooper
Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick … ‘Pork Chop’ Lawrence Chubbs
Jacques Derosena … Mr Carpenter
Emilyrose Morris … Lucille
Gemma Brooke Allen … Regan Peterson
Ellie Patrikios … Laurie Peterson
Curt Clendenin … Alex Griffin
Tasha Dixon … Barbra Peterson
Brittany Belt … Karolyi Osbourn
Ryan Poole … Judd
Joseph Barone … Walter Wimbly
Dogen Eyeler … Elliot Peterson
Alexandra Keller … Coach Deli
Wesley J. Szabo … Sheriff Trevor
Ryan McGonagle … ‘Big’ Dick McGee
David Uchansky … Mr Leavitt
Christopher DeMaci … Doctor Frank
Malaak Hattab … Phoebe
Timothy Wade … Mr Cooper (as Tim Wade)
Cody Byars … Raj
Shaeda Moghaddam … Mrs Cooper
Drew Ochsner … Harvey
Devan Yasuhara … Felix
Belle Martinez … Student and trick or treater
Cassandra Bangle … Dee
Cristian Vazquez … Cody
Leyla Dubon … Student and trick or treater
John Michel … Kip
Brolin Parris … Scott
Brandon Martinez … Brady
Kadence Dubon … Student and trick or treater


A rough cut of the movie was shown at the KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival on 28th September 2018.

Working titles:

The Harlequin
Bloody Bobby 2
Bloody Bobby 2: The Nightmare Is Reborn


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