AMITYVILLE VAMPIRE (2020) Reviews and overview

‘Their thirst is the cure’

Amityville Vampire is a 2020 American horror film about a group of lakeside visitors who are terrorised by an ancient vampiric evil.

Directed by Tim Vigil (writer of graphic novel Faust: Love of the Damned) from a screenplay co-written with Carlos Perez (Monster: The Prehistoric Project; Vamps in the City; The Occultist; Don’t Look in the Cellar). Co-produced by prolific David S. Sterling and Gustave Whinnery.

The Sterling Entertainment production stars Jin N. Tonic (Exorcism at 60,000 Feet;  Dracula in a Women’s Prison; Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison; Predator World), Miranda Melhado, Anthony DeArce, Veronica Farren (Escape from Area 51; Interreflections; Choke), Maggie Nolting, Haillye Young Miller, Jose Acain, Ismaele Montone, J. Randall and Randy Oppenheimer (Rottentail;  Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy; Blood Moon Rising).

Dennis Devine (director of Camp Blood 8: Revelations; Things franchise; The Haunting of La LloronaVampire Club 3DAlice in MurderlandDon’t Look in the Cellar; et al) was director of photography.

Joe Castro (director of (Butchered aka The Hazing; Terror Toons and sequels; The Summer of MassacreJackhammer) provided the special effects. 


“The legend of Amityville grows as a group of visitors around Red Moon Lake are terrorized by an ancient vampiric evil. Come sit around the campfire, if you dare… and prepare to die!”


Amityville Vampire is a laboriously chatty endeavor that extends its duration through drawn-out dialogue. On top of that, the hammy music, which was apparently acquired through a creative commons license, sounds like someone finding out for the first time what the buttons do on a Casio keyboard, including the piano keys.” Culture Crypt

“Nothing in Amityville Vampire is remotely close to being scary apart from some of the acting. Most of the cast has few or no other credits and it’s easy to see why. The fact the film is so heavy on dialogue only makes it worse. Amityville Vampire feels like a seventy-minute film padded out to ninety minutes with unnecessary dialogue. It still would have been bad at seventy minutes, but at least it would have been shorter.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Jin N. Tonic … Lillith
Miranda Melhado … Fran
Anthony DeArce … Johnny
Randy Oppenheimer … Caleb
Veronica Farren … Gloria
Maggie Nolting … Katherine
Haillye Young Miller … Chastity
Jose Acain … Paco
Ismaele Montone … Kurt
J Randall … Razor
Tuesday Grant … Lisa
Sean Michael Billings … Stony
Kat Rodriguez … Margie
Laura Meadows … Suzie
Margaux Leigh Hamilton … Silvia
Cassidy Rose Gyetvan … Wine Cellar Victim
Evans Jacobs … Robert
Gustave Whinnery … Man Who Bumps Into Margie
Tom Newth … Vampire Henchman

Technical details:

93 minutes

Original title:

Red Moon Lake

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MOVIES and MANIA says:

The inclusion of an obviously tacked-on-later intro that features a shot of the infamous Amityville house is at least more than most movies that use the ‘franchise’ name bother to do; unfortunately, that connection hardly elevates this tacky effort which was originally titled Red Moon Lake.

Despite two mildly amiable leads (played by Miranda Melhado and Anthony DeArce), the two tales told as part of the main narrative are feeble and feature some atrocious acting. Overall, Amityville Vampire is beset by low production values – co-producer David S. Sterling’s name should always ring alarm bells – and the grim violence against women during the finale doesn’t fit with the generally lighthearted tone of the rest of the movie. The soundtrack also features wildly inappropriate music cues by Kevin MacLeod because they were used free via the creative commons license. Classy.

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