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‘Deep in space they are not alone.’

Breach is a 2020 Canadian science-fiction action horror feature film about an interstellar ark fleeing a devastating plague on Earth; the ship comes under attack from a new threat, a shape-shifting alien force intent on slaughtering what is left of humanity. On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic must outwit the malevolent cosmic terror…

Directed by John Suits from a screenplay co-written by Edward Drake (Cosmic Sin; Broil) and Corey Large (Cosmic Sin; Broil).

The 308 Ent-Almost Never Films production stars Cody Kearsley, Bruce Willis (Apex; Deadlock; Out of Death; Midnight in the Switchgrass;  Hard KillCosmic Sin; Die Hard franchise). Thomas Jane and Rachel Nichols.

“The most interesting aspect of Breach was the idea of the Rebellion who believe that mankind had its chance and that we don’t deserve to move to another planet and ruin that the way we did with this one […] Overall, it’s easy to dismiss Breach as straight to VOD fodder but it’s surprisingly entertaining with hints of the classic Bruce Willis coming out and decent production values making for an entertaining diversion.” The Action Elite

“It’s a cheap space-horror flick that’s wise enough to put some very likable and charismatic actors upfront. Rachel Nichols is fantastic as always, while Cody Kearsleymakes is perfect as the everyman lead. The action is fun, and the practical effects look good when used. There is a passion here, and everyone is trying to make this more than a paycheck flick, but the story is by far the weakest part.” Arrow in the Head

“Dopey, dingy and, worst of all, dull, Breach doesn’t have any lofty goals beyond entertaining as a stupid time-killer, but it can’t even do that right. If it aimed to be a dystopian sci-fi action-horror throwback, its reach far exceeds its grasp (although it does add Chekhov’s Moxacil to the list of tropes). There’s some messy splatter, but the monster effects are cheesy at best and inept at worst…” The Artful Critic

“There’s potential there to generate some gruesome mayhem with enjoyable creature effects, but Suits doesn’t have that kind of budget, turning Breach into a zombie experience, with the parasite taking up residence inside human hosts, controlling them from within. The feature attempts to make such repetition exciting with kickball cinematography by Will Stone, but there’s nothing really happening in the movie, which mostly deals with hackneyed dialogue and dull characters.”

Breach isn’t a bad film. I believe there will be a mostly positive/neutral response. The action does remind you of Alien or The Thing on a spaceship. Some familiar faces are underused, especially Johnny Messner and Thomas Jane. When the action is on, Breach cranks it up.” Bulletproof Action

” …with elements taken from Sci-Fi classics, Breach seemingly aims for a light-hearted approach to its material, dancing across the line into comedy at times, while attempting to create a bold, attention-grabbing experience. In some ways, it does not entirely fail at this, but there are far better films that explore the idea that, in space, no one can hear you scream.” Cryptic Rock

“By attracting eyes from outside niche genre entertainment, Breach becomes burdened with anticipation for epicness it has no hope of achieving with a boilerplate script, small soundstage, and minimal effort by its main attractions. If this were an extended episode of Stargate SG-1 circa 1997, I’d say it was average. As a modern, mainstream wannabe overextending the credit limit of its stars? Breach’s” blandness makes it a bomb.” Culture Crypt

Breach isn’t nearly as offensively lazy as most of Bruce Willis’ recent direct-to-consumer action flicks, largely by way of its better-than-expected production values and solid supporting cast. It certainly feels like Suits and his crew were genuinely trying to make a good movie rather than delivering a nothing Product intended to satisfy a producer’s tax write-off, even if you’d be hard-pressed to ever call it genuinely good.” Flickering Myth

“Considering its modest budget, the monster effects in Breach are pretty solid and while the set design is basic, the lived-in look of the film echoes films like the aforementioned Alien and Peter Hyams’ Outland. Scott Glasgow’s score adds some energy into the film and the whole package is well put together. It’s far from being a classic, but Breach is enjoyable B-movie hokum…” Movies in Focus

“The action, provided by stunt coordinator Van Ayasit (who also plays officer Xu), is pretty fun and at times graphic to watch and drives the film as well. Breach is a step up for director John Suits in terms of the sci-fi genre. Cody Kearsley makes for an unsung hero with some great support from veterans Willis, Nichols, and Thomas Jane.” World Film Geek

In the USA, Saban Films will release Breach theatrically, On-Demand and On Digital on December 18th 2020.

Cast and characters:
Bruce Willis … Clay Young
Cody Kearsley … Noah
Callan Mulvey … Teek
Kassandra Clementi … Hayley
Rachel Nichols … Chambers
Timothy V. Murphy … Commander Stanley
Angie Pack … Isabella Ortega
Thomas Jane … Admiral
Corey Large … Lincoln
Swen Temmel … Fitzgerald
Ralf Moeller … Vyrl
Elicia Davies … Veronica
Johnny Messner … Blue
Johann Urb … Shady
Alexander Kane … Commander Miik Riggins
Robert Laenen … Lt. Rob Cutter
Eric Buarque … Bruce Willis photo double
Stephen Dixon … Hercules Crew Member
Adam Huel Potter … Bama
Phillip Joe Luke … Hercules Crew Member
Adam Mitchell … Hercules Crew Member
Mitchell Baker … Roman Vrai
Danielle Harnage … Hercules Crew Member

Technical details:
92 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Rated ‘R’ for language throughout and some bloody violence.

Original title:


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