NIGHTMARE SYMPHONY (2020) Reviews and overview


Nightmare Symphony is a 2020 Italian Giallo horror film about a director struggling to complete his movie when a series of murders occur. Eventually, he is forced to face his worst and scariest nightmares…

Directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (Ill: Final Contagium; A Taste of Phobia; Virus: Extreme Contamination; House of Ravens; Red Krokodil) and Daniele Trani from a screenplay written by Antonio Tentori (Dario Argento’s Dracula; Zombies: The Beginning; Nightmare Concert).

The movie stars Antonella Salvucci (The Beginning: Feel the Dead; Bloody Sin; The Torturer), Frank LaLoggia (director of The Lady in White; Fear No Evil), Poison Rouge (Phantasmagoria; House of Flesh Mannequins), Halil Budakova, Pietro Cinieri, Irene Baruffetti, Edi Hasan Lushi and Merita Budakova (Virus: Extreme Contamination).

The soundtrack score was by Antony Coia (House of Flesh Mannequins) and includes an original main theme by Fabio Frizzi (The Beyond; City of the Living Dead). The practical effects are by Jacopo Tomassini (The Obsessed).


Nightmare Symphony is a homage to Lucio Fulci’s Nightmare Concert (A Cat in the Brain), in which the director appeared playing himself, a tortured filmmaker haunted by his own filmic visions…


Nightmare Symphony will be released on Blu-ray and DVD by TetroVideo in 2021.


“This is a fantastic psychological slasher/giallo film. The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking. There’s some seriously stunning architecture and the camerawork is incredible. It’s some of the best Italian indie horror filmmaking in years. On par with the likes of Argento, Fulci and Bava.” Blazing Minds


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