PREDATOR – Next instalment in the franchise announced!


The next instalment in the Predator franchise and is being directed by Dan Trachtenberg – director of the well-regarded 10 Cloverfield Lane – 20th Century Studios has confirmed, as reported by Deadline.

The screenplay for the next Predator film is being written by Patrick Aison, whose writer and producer credits include the Kingdom, Jack Ryan and Treadstone series. John Davis produces the Predator films.

This is surprising news because we had assumed that poorly received dumbed-down, macho mess that Shane Black came up with for The Predator (2018) would have killed off the franchise for a while. That movie only took $160,542,134 worldwide at the box office on a reported budget of $88 million so the residual sales via Blu-ray, DVD and streaming must have been good enough for Fox to green-light this next instalment. The new movie will apparently have no plot links to Black’s entry.