THE OTHER SIDE (2020) Reviews and US release news


The Other Side is a 2020 Swedish supernatural horror film about a father who moves into a new duplex house with his girlfriend and son. They hear strange noises from a supposedly uninhabited house next door and when he’s out of town working, the son makes a new “friend”

Written and directed by Tord Danielsson and Oskar Mellander, the Breidablick Film production stars Dilan Gwyn, Linus Wahlgren, Eddie Eriksson Dominguez and Janna Granström. Produced by Gila Bergqvist.

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“Horror movies with children are also always a little extra scary in my book […] There are things that are illogical, and it is inevitable that it borrows well from other horror movies in both storytelling and scare effects. However, in a good way, so it succeeds in exactly what a horror movie should do. It scares you.” Filmbladet [translated from Swedish]

“When you copy from other movies, it does not get more blatant than this. The script is really lame and the actors have great trouble infusing the characters with emotion and authenticity. You also have big problems with visual and film effects. Cheap CGI does not do this movie any favours.” Filmparadiset [translated from Swedish]

” borrows from predecessors such as James Wan and David F. Sandberg with flashes of The Conjuring and The Shining. But even if you can tick off what is expected in the story, with haunted houses and everything, it is not wrong to be inspired by the best. The craftsmanship is good enough, with well-directed scare scenes, satisfying effects and fine efforts by the actors.” Hedmark [translated from Swedish]

“The characters in The Other Side often behave strangely, and the dialogue is rigid and unnatural. Little Lucas is a little old – and looks as nasty as the ghost boy. Technically, the film is competent and the basic story could have worked – if Danielsson and Mellander had reviewed their script. The film is gravely serious and the ending is so drawn out that it becomes immediately boring.” Toppraffel!


The Other Side was released by NonStop in Sweden in October, where it ranked among the top three at the box office. On March 2nd it was reported that Magnolia has acquired U.S. rights with a release date to be announced soon.

Cast and characters:

Dilan Gwyn … Shirin
Linus Wahlgren … Fredrik
Eddie Eriksson Dominguez … Lucas
Janna Granström … Julia
Jakob Fahlstedt … Policeman
Karin Holmberg … Katja
Niklas Jarneheim … Mäklare
Henrik Norlén … Peter Lindvall
Sovi Rydén … Voice

Technical details:

87 minutes

Original title:

Andra Sidan “Other Side”

Initial source: Screen Daily