BLOODY SUMMER CAMP (2020) Felissa Rose is back in another slasher


‘Someone has an axe to grind…’

Bloody Summer Camp is a 2020 American slasher horror film about a maniac wearing a devil mask who kills the counsellors one by one.

Written and directed by David Kerr (Return of the Slasher Nurse; Curse of the Slasher Nurse), the Slasher 15 Productions movie stars Felissa Rose (Camp Twilight; A Nun’s Curse; Sleepaway Camp; plus many others), Cody Faulk, Kay Leahy, Wayne Townsend, Matthew Sharpe, Brendan Lynch and Dave Sheridan (Big Freaking Ray; Blood Craft, Victor Crowley; et al). Genre regular Shawn C. Phillips has a cameo role. Produced by Amber Fulcher, David Kerr, Michael McGlynn and Jaime Weisman.


In 1986, a group of counsellors gather at Camp Trustfall to prepare for the new Summer. Soon after arriving, a killer wearing a devil mask begins killing them off one by one. Is this the boy from the camp legend or is it someone else with an axe to grind?


Spring 2021

Cast and characters:

Felissa Rose … Michelle Crowell
Cody Faulk … Todd
Kay Leahy … Tiffany
Wayne Townsend … Michael
Matthew Sharpe … Zach
Brendan Lynch … Donnie
Dave Sheridan … Sheriff Wilmore
Shawn C. Phillips … Video Counselor 1
Julie Anne Prescott … Nurse Korek
Robert Bess … Missing Person
Rick Jermain … Deputy Sidowra
Chris Rhydings … Terry / Devilface
Matt Burns … Skunk
Steven Rears … Video Counselor 4
Michael McGlynn … Roger
Jesse L. Green … Angry man
Gretchen Settle … Felicia
Rita Christine … Victoria Parker
David Castro … Devilface
David Giangrande … Video Counselor 3
Daniel Brooks … Andrew Blocher
David Storm … Video Cook
Deepti Chodha … Video Counselor 2
Michelle Goodwin … Ms McGlynn
Nick Walters … Groundskeeper Marche
Ashley Geoghegan … Hitchhiker
Spartacus Jones … Cornelius
Samantha Fouse … Stacy
Chanda Rawlings … Kimberly
John Tusso … Deputy Vonk
Zachary Thaler … Hampton
Christian Jensen … Larry
C.J. Creech … The Stranger
Bobby Langford … Bob Lahey
Jennifer Wennerholt … Alexandria Costanza
Jack Irrsinn … Devilface
Rowan Weiblen … Amy

Filming locations:

Charlottesville, Virginia

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