CHANG’AN FOG MONSTER (2020) Chinese fantasy creature feature


Chang’an Fog Monster is a 2020 Chinese period-set fantasy film about an ancient city attacked by unseen creatures that emerge from the deep fog.

Directed by Lu Lei, the movie stars Luo Liqun, Cheng Qimeng, Li Bairong, Hu Dongqing, Yang Ming, Wang Pan, Liu Yuetao, Diaoye, Wu Shulin and Zhang Kun.


During the Tang Dynasty, Chang’an City was suddenly flooded by a thick fog, and everyone fled in panic. Xiao Cheng was guarding the weak prince and was trapped with the civilians, waiting for the fog to dissipate. However, the thick fog did not disperse as expected, and the people who walked into the thick fog did not return. The sky-shaking monsters in the thick fog gradually revealed their hideous features. Xiao Cheng tried hard to protect Chang’an…


Changan Fog Monster was released in China on 8th December 2020.

Technical details:

66 minutes

Original title:


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